The Favourite – 2018 Lanthimos


A masterpiece of auteur-driven formal and aesthetic choices (wide angle lens, natural lighting, slow-motion photography, tracking shots down the corridor) featuring 2018’s best acting and equally remarkable writing It’s entirely Lanthimos—black, absurdist, profane—but it’s impossible

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The Hidden Fortress – 1958 Kurosawa


Certainly a very good film in its own right, Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress is also notable for its influence on George Lucas, and also Kurosawa’s first widescreen venture (TohoScope which was the Japanese equivalent to

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The Crimson Kimono – 1959 Fuller


Sam Fuller continues his life-long study of the seedy underbelly of society with this low-budget noir/mystery set in Los Angeles. Captivating opening- murder scene/sequence of the stripper These look like actual dingy streets—certainly not a

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Sunset – 2018 Nemes


Sunset confirms the László Nemes’ 2015 debut Son of Soul was no fluke or happy accident experiment. It was, instead, the debut of a bold new voice for 21st century cinema--- and Sunset is a

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game – 1949 Berkeley


So much talent involved that it’s hard not to see this as a bit of a failure- the whole does not add up to the individual pieces in this case Sinatra and Gene Kelly in

Take Me Out to the Ball Game – 1949 Berkeley2020-07-06T21:39:54+00:00

Clash of the Titans – 1981 Desmond Davis


Forget Desmond Davis, this is Ray Harryhausen’s film and last venture as producer and stop-motion effects master This was an artifact even in 1981- I mean Empire Strikes Back was in 1980 Last archiveable film

Clash of the Titans – 1981 Desmond Davis2020-07-06T17:52:11+00:00

The Ghost and the Darkness – 1996 Hopkins


It is probably about the 40th best film of 1996- but enough elements to make it worthy of the archives It borrows a great deal from Jaws- substituting the lion(s) in the for shark (they

The Ghost and the Darkness – 1996 Hopkins2020-07-06T17:34:30+00:00
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