Werckmeister Harmonies – 2000 Tarr


Werckmeister Harmonies is Hungarian Bela Tarr’s seventh feature and first since his magnum opus 7+ hour masterpiece Satantango in 1994. The entire film is comprised of 39 shots over the course of 145 minutes From

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Satantango – 1994 Tarr


Bela Tarr’s sixth film (and big artistic breakthrough) clocks in at 439 minutes (just under 7 ½ hours)- Santantango is a momentous beacon of 1990’s cinema—an important film for camera movement and grayscale photography It

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best film:  The Conformist from Bernardo Bertolucci. The Conformist is a visual showcase of set pieces, lighting, and overall mise-en-scene. It features unending sequences of jaw-dropping architectural design. It is a feat of costume design


V For Vendetta – 2005 McTeigue


V For Vendetta is written by the Wachowskis (using them here because I haven’t heard from director James McTeigue before or since this film). You can see their hand in the story arc (an escape

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A Woman is a Woman – 1961 Godard


A Woman is a Woman (Une femme est une femme) was Godard’s third film shot and second released (Le Petit Soldat held up for years with censors). It is Godard’s first foray into color (pretty

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Le Petit Soldat – 1963 Godard


Le Petit Soldat is actually the second feature Godard made. He shot it in 1960 after Breathless with the intent of releasing immediately- but French censors pushed it to 1963 making it at that point

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Sling Blade – 1996 Thornton


Billy Bob Thornton had been around prior to Sling Blade. He co-wrote and acted in 1992’s Once False Move. He’s in Tombstone, Indecent Proposal, and Jarmusch’s Dead Man. However, he got his big break and

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Rocks – 2019 Gavron


Rocks is made in the mode of realism- a break from Sarah Gavron’s previous effort Suffragette (2015) which is more a traditional period drama. This story tracks non-professional actor Bukky Bakray playing “Rocks”. Gavron makes

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Breathless – 1960 Godard


The story goes that Cahiers du Cinéma writer/critic turned first-time director Jean-Luc Godard had a finished film that he felt was 30 minutes too long. Instead of cutting out individual scenes (like pretty much every

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best film:  The Wild Bunch from Sam Peckinpah doggedly nihilistic, crisply photographed (Lucien Ballard as DP) and flawlessly performed by the talented ensemble of veteran actors The transcendent trait though, and what makes it


Cast a Dark Shadow – 1955 Gilbert


A superb little thriller that Hitchcock would be proud of It serves now as the first archiveable film for both the director Lewis Gilbert and star Dirk Bogarde. It is the debut of neither. Gilbert

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Mad Love – 1935 Freund


A notable work for both Peter Lorre and director Karl Freund—two Austrian/Hungarian talents with roots in German expressionism (Lorre was discovered by Lang and starred in M of course) and Freund worked with Lang (he

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