Jackson.  Obviously Jackson isn’t on this list without the lord of the rings but the momentous achievement of that masterpiece cannot overlooked. I count the lord of the rings as one film in the same way I count the decalogue or kill bill as one film. However, I do put more weight in the size of this 10 hour masterpiece than I do with some masterpieces that I feel are even superior to LOTR (which is tough to reason out logically but whatever). It’s been a rough decade for Jackson from 2006-2015 with zero archivable films and really overall it’s been an overall disappointing post-lotr run. He’ll need to add more depth to his archiveable oeuvre to stay in the top 100.


best film: the lord of the rings. It’s almost tough to overstate this one. For lists purposes the fact that it was released as 3 separate films make it tough to gauge where critics are on it (only fellowship is on the TSPDT top 1000).

most overrated:  I don’t have one for Jackson. There’s nothing according to TSPDT but some people like one or both of his early horror-shtick films dead alive and bad taste, and I don’t think either is very good.

most underrated: heavenly creatures should definitely be in the TSPDT top 1000 and it isn’t. I think it’s easily jackson’s second best effort and an unbelievable film debut for a 19 year old kate winslet.

gem I want to spotlight: lotr. This film has fantastic acting, writing, but it’s really the immersive (and once thought to be un-filmable) world filled with gorgeous production design and jackson’s visual inventiveness that is the star. You can see some of his horror roots, surrealistic, and gothic touches in heavenly creatures evident in LOTR as well. It’s tolken of course, but this film is truly peter jackson’s piece of art.

stylistic innovations/traits:  I’ve mentioned all of it above but Jackson does have a clear talent and penchant for production design. The way he integrates the sort of schizophrenia of his leads in LOTR and heavenly creatures is genius (and reminds me of Aronofsky a little). His visual detail is stupendous and, in particular, I also need to mention the gorgeous work with miniatures for establishing shots. It could be the best I’ve ever seen on film.


Top 10

  1. the lord of the rings
  2. heavenly creatures
  3. king kong


Top 100 directors running list

100) Fuller– 3 must-see, 1 HR, 12 archiveable films

99) Cukor– 1 masterpiece, 2 must-see, 1 HR, 18 archiveable

98) Demy- 1 masterpiece, 1 must-see, 1 HR, 5 archiveable

97) Jackson– 1 masterpiece, 1 HR, 3 archiveable