The 67th Best Director of All-Time: Michael Mann

Michael Mann. Mann not only has a trio of great films, a giant masterpiece, but has really done excellent chic and distinctive work in a genre that has been overloaded with anonymous and identically disappointing

Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton. Paxton is going to be remembered for his comedic performances in James Cameron films (even near dark (bigelow) was produced by Cameron). He’s absolutely essential in these blockbusters. Paxton also directed frailty and

They Live – 1988 Carpenter

Stars wrestler Roddy Piper and Keith David- who I love Carpenter’s score here might be the real star- it’s fantastic Carpenter is clearly influenced by Romero (which he mentions in the film) 50’s sci-fi (he

Dirty Pretty Things – 2002 Frears

Strong ensemble led by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Audrey Tautou- Ejofor, in particular, is excellent Film about the haunting and seedy underbelly of London, immigration and the black market Ejofor plays a moral man (something he’s very

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution – 1976 Ross

  Ross is not a great artist but he made 6 archiveable films, including this one, between 1972 and 1981 Strong performances from V. Redgrave, Arkin (playing Freud), Olivier in supporting turns The set designs

The Razor’s Edge – 1946 Goulding

Anne Baxter, Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, John Payne, Clifton Webb and Herbert Marshall make for a near perfect ensemble. Power and Payne aren't great actors but give some of their best work here (payne is only

Get Out – 2017 Peele

First archiveable film from 2017 for me- I saw I don’t feel at home in this world anymore as well and it missed the archives- it’s an entertaining miss but a miss nonetheless It’s the

The 68th Best Director of All-Time: Jim Jarmusch

Jarmusch.  For Jarmusch, Dead man goes a long way for me on this list. It’s a strength. Another strength is I also have Jarmusch’s 4th best film as a major film in both the 1980’s and the

Hacksaw Ridge – 2016 Gibson

Continues Mel’s meditation on violence (and beauty- this film is quite stunning to look at)- braveheart and apocalypto I wasn’t as high on Garfield (who I think is a great actor) as many critics and

The Getaway – 1972 Peckinpah

Peckinpah trademark here with the opening credits sequence does not disappoint. Here we have a stunning freeze frame opening Lucien ballard photography is top notch as is Quincy Jones Score (in the heat of the

Destiny – 1921 Lang

Not his debut (8th film according to IMDB) but my first in the archives for Lang Quite an epic with the story in 3 parts clearly influenced by Griffith’s intolerance (Mideast story line, Spanish story

The 69th Best Director of All-Time: William Wyler

Wyler. I love wyler. He only has 3 films in the TSPDT top 1000. I’ve got as many as 10-12 films in their respective year’s top 10 which is a rough way for me to

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