Fedora – 1978 Wilder

  Certainly feels like an update on sunset boulevard with the William holden and aging/old actress Hollywood royalty story line and plot Fantastic narrative twist that will be interesting to evaluate on a second viewing

Drugstore Cowboy – 1989 Van Sant

Features early work from go-to DP for Wes Anderson- Robert Yeoman Certainly an updated take on bonnie and clyde (complete with impotency references)- really nice touch Great jazz score Van Sant’s content/narrative auteur mark and

The 74th Best Director of All-Time: Douglas Sirk

Sirk. Sirk is another great auteur that was appreciated by the cashiers’ and new wave critics while being completely overlooked (and laughed at a little) in Hollywood for his soapy melodramas mostly “made for women”

American Honey – 2016 Arnold

Easily the best film to date from Arnold Part gorgeous travelogue and part tender love story wonderful use of music while riding- modern day easy rider in many ways - non professoinal actors used throughhout including

The 75th Best Director of All-Time: Jean-Pierre Melville

Melville. Melville is a great place to start for anyone who doesn’t think old or foreign (or black and white…or all 3) movies can be entertaining. For the purposes of this list he’s hurt by

Bound For Glory – 1976 Ashby

Most notable for the first use of Steadicam- and it is an incredible shot tracking from behind through a massive crowd- great shot Almost feels like a remake of grapes of wrath The yellow glaze

The 76th Best Director of All-Time: Mike Nichols

Nichols. I’m higher on Nichols than the majority of cinema buffs for two main reasons: A. I have the graduate as an unquestionable top 100 film, and B. I also have carnal knowledge as a masterpiece. The weakness for

The 77th Best Director of All-Time: Bela Tarr

Tarr. I might be another watch of the turin horse and especially satantango away from shooting Tarr up to my top 50 directors of all-time. According to the consensus, satantango is the 101st best film of all-time and I have it as

The Major and the Minor – 1942 Wilder

Wilder’s debut the major and the minor isn’t one of the best 10 films of 1942 but it’s worth recommending and I have it in the archives. I hate to get too cute with the

The 78th Best Director of All-Time: Terry Gilliam

Gilliam. There’s no way he’s on here ahead of many deserving auteurs if I didn’t think brazil was much closer to the 50th best film of all-time than the 176th  best where TSPDT has it. Man, I wish

French Connection II – 1975 Frankenheimer

I’ve seen the French connection (1971) from Friedkin many times but this was my first foray into john frankeheimer’s  French connection II (1975). I’ve never heard anyone talk about it or tell me I should

The 79th Best Director of All-Time: Raoul Walsh

Walsh. I’m worlds apart from the critics’ consensus on raoul walsh who brought us some of the best bogart and cagney movies. If you look closely he really brought us some of the best Hollywood

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