The 52nd Best Director of All-Time: Sam Peckinpah

Peckinpah. Peckinpah’s strength is his top 2 films and the massive amounts of style he packed into his short career as director. He was a fierce alcoholic, not unlike another western great john ford, but couldn’t

Amarcord – 1973 Fellini

It picks up with where he started with satyricon (1969( and roma (1972)- it’s a sprawling exercise in excess, vulgarity and has even less narrative focus- it’s really a series of characters and vignettes more

Rabid – 1977 Cronenberg

Cronenberg’s 2nd film The editing is pretty rough draft and sloppy joe in spots- but Cronenberg’s ideas- specifically his obsession with body horror is in full bloom here piggybacking on the horror genre and the

The Pianist – 2002 Polanski

  Through editing Polanski has a true gift for creating paranoia. You can see it in rosemary’s baby, Chinatown, and ghost writer. It’s palpable as he slowly brings the pianist to a boil – there’s

The 53rd Best Director of All-Time: Buster Keaton

Keaton. So Chaplin is ahead of Keaton because of two reasons. For one, I have chaplin scored a little bit higher based on filmography. That wouldn’t be enough on its own though because I think

Toni Erdmann – 2016 Ade

It’s visually unspecial (time out London calls it “visually plain”) and adores it as most critics do It’s really a sprawling character and relationship study comedy/drama built on the strength of the acting- which is

Scarlet Street – 1945 Lang

Enourmously overlooked film and I can’t tell why- it’s a remake of Renoir’s La Chienne (he notoriously hated the film) and an early noir (b-pictures to some) so perhaps those two factors are why Banned in

The Quiet Man- 1952 Ford

Known for its location shooting in Ireland and it shows. It’s absolutely gorgeous exterior photography It’s amongst the best work of all of the 4 leads- Maureen O’Hara, John Wayne, Barry Fitzgerald (pretty sure this

The 54th Best Director of All-Time: Frank Capra

Capra. TSPDT has him at #65 on their director list and I’m higher on capra even though he isn’t a brilliant visual director. I am higher on his 3 best films than the consensus- I

The 55th Best Director of All-Time: Yasujirô Ozu

Ozu. Ozu is one of the toughest for me to rank and clearly the auteur on the TSPDT list (rated #12 on the list of top 250 directors) I have one of the biggest discrepancies with.

Aliens – 1986 Cameron

Both this and it’s predecessor from Ridley Scott are sci-fi films (and I’m not big into genre definitions and discussions) but it’s also easier to think of alien (1979) as more of a horror film

The 56th Best Director of All-Time: David Fincher

Fincher. Fincher has now spent 20 years as a top filmmaker making films (5 of which are top 5 of their respective year) that are not only consistently brilliant but brilliantly consistent. The Social Network might be

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