The 57th Best Director of All-Time: Clint Eastwood

Eastwood.  Eastwood’s filmography is stronger than he is as a stylistic director. It’s tough to reconcile just how different his films in the 20thcentury look from his films in the 21st century but I think this is

The 58th Best Director of All-Time: Bernardo Bertolucci

Bertolucci. Bertolucci is a style-plus director with a top 100 film- I don’t have many of those left at this point. The conformist is a brilliant masterpiece that is exceptionally well directed. Although he’s got 9 archiveable

Fellini’s Roma – 1972 Fellini

Oddly enough, I think the combination of the omniscient voice over, the lack of plot, the fact that fellini is in it (playing a director giving an interview talking about the movie), the shots of

The 59th Best Director of All-Time: John Huston

Huston. Huston’s strength is his depth of filmography. When bogart gems like key largo and beat the devil are a director’s 7th and 9th best film it means you really have director with a ton of great films. Of course Huston’s

The 60th Best Director of All-Time: James Cameron

Cameron. Cameron is a tricky one for me because he only has 7 archiveable films and doesn’t have a big masterpiece. Usually someone like that wouldn’t make my top 100 director list. However, I also

That Man From Rio – 1964 de Broca

It’s Belmondo’s take on James Bond (there were a ton of imitators from the early 60’s on) and he’s quite brilliant here. He’s absolutely charming and has the physicality and athleticism of more of a

Logan – 2017 Mangold

There’s a 5 minute stretch near the beginning when they raid the hideout and there’s a brief car chase and escape- with the sand, the cars, the beating drum rhythmic soundtrack that you can’t help

Alien – 1979 Ridley Scott

Certainly seems like the offspring off 1951’s the thing from another world and kubrick’s 2001 Weaver had one other role and her debut in a quick shot as woody’s date I believe in annie hall

The 61st Best Director of All-Time: John Cassavetes

Cassavetes. Cassavetes not only has 2 masterpieces but is rightly known as grand forerunner of independent american cinema. His films have a definite atmosphere and authenticity about them that isn’t just a stagey showcase for

The 62nd Best Director of All-Time: Alfonso Cuarón

Cuaron. I adore cuaron more than most probably because of how much I value masterpieces and visual panache. I haven’t updated my top 10 of the 00’s in a while but there is a very

Taxi Driver – 1976 Scorsese

It blows you back with Bernard Herrmann’s score. It’s one of, if not his overall best musical score which makes it one of the best 20-25 scores of all-time automatically Such detail in the mise-en-scene

The 63rd Best Director of All-Time: Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray. I still have some work to do here on ray’s oeuvre but having seen the music room and the apu trilogy is enough to find him a spot on this top 100. Certainly it is

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