Mean Streets -1973 Scorsese

Opens wondrously with the voice over, pop soundtrack, and the trip- editing technique (same image zoomed in with short ellipsis) that Scorsese would keep doing for the next 40 years The rock/pop soundtrack is really

Dillinger – 1973 Milius

Directional debut for Milius (who also wrote of course) Features countless homages and references to peckinpah’s the wild bunch which Milius lists as one of his favorite films. It’s not just the violence and some

The 64th Best Director of All-Time: Richard Linklater

Linklater. Linklater has skyrocketed up this list (which was only in my head until now) in the last couple years.  Clearly films like before midnight and boyhood (back to back masterpieces in consecutive years) will change an auteur’s trajectory.

Paterson – 2016 Jarmusch

Both a fully Jarmusch minimalist film and detailed character study (military background of driver’s paterson) Easily Adam Driver’s best role/film/performance and a very charming performance from Golshifteh Farahani The bus driver listening in on conversations

The 65th Best Director of All-Time: Michael Haneke

Haneke. Haneke’s strength for the purposes of this list were the 3 masterpieces he made in the 00’s. I’m not sure he’s a “style-plus” auteur but his films follow a rigid form and are intellectually

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) – 2014 Iñárritu

Reviews Biutiful is also a reason why I, personally, wasn’t paying close enough attention to the reviews of birdman. I really didn’t notice just HOW good they were until after the film while I was prepping this

The 66th Best Director of All-Time: Luchino Visconti

Visconti. Visconti’s status has already been elevated in my mind since the advent of bluray.  TSPDT has him as the #32 director of all-time and obviously here I think that’s still overrated by half. His

To Be or Not to Be – 1942 Lubitsch

Rated #103 on TSPDT which is very overrated Carole Lombard is absolutely stunning in her final role before her tragic plane crash death It’s both a socially and politically important movie and a great comedy-

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