The Yards – 2000 Gray

After a disappointing debut, little odessa, it is the arrival of young auteur (31 at the time) James Gray Gray’s marks as auteur draw tons of similarities to coppola- the classic narrative here (which is

The 26th Best Director of All-Time: Paul Thomas Anderson

PT Anderson. Man, I went back and forth with 2 others on this slot. Both come directly after PT. I might move Antonioni ahead of PT after another study of his films because I’m feeling

The 27th Best Director of All-Time: Michelangelo Antonioni

Antonioni. So, I’ve seen all of Antonioni’s films (non doc films) once- except for l’avventura (twice), blow-up- which I’ve seen like 4 times for some reason, and the passenger which I’ve seen twice- but both on VHS. He

Accident – 1967 Losey

It opens with a powerful shot with accident audio off camera and a great dolly shot focusing in on the house From that strong opening there’s a real sense of strong framing with the bottle

The 28th Best Director of All-Time: David Lean

Lean. Lean is quite a juxtaposition from the other European directors that flourished in this era (like Godard, Antonioni, Truffaut and some others that are thought of during this time (and location) of artistic boom

The 29th Best Director of All-Time: Robert Altman

Altman. So by my complicated filmography points ranking system I actually have Altman ranked 13th all-time. He might not be Scorsese behind the camera but he’s a stylish director in his own right. I think the

The Entertainer – 1960 Richardson

It’s the second film from Richardson after his debut the year prior look back in anger (1959), part of the sort of british new wave but better known as like the angry British films from

The 30th Best Director of All-Time: Vittorio De Sica

De sica. It feels late to finally be adding one of the great neorealists. Bicycle thieves is an all-time great film (17th all-time last time I did my top 100 in 2012) and if I had Rossellini’s best

Citizen Kane – 1941 Welles

The film is nothing less than a perfect melding of cinematic ingenuity and narrative brilliance- both perfectly executed and daringly unique It’s jarring how different it looks than every other film before it and nearly

Sudden Impact – 1983 Eastwood

It’s the 2nd best Dirty Harry film after the 1971 Don Siegel original. This one isn’t nearly as good but again has a great director- this time Clint himself. Most well-known for the famous “go

The 31st Best Director of All-Time: David Cronenberg

Cronenberg. DC emerged from the creative burst the horror genre produced in the 1970’s to become one of the greatest auteurs on the planet in the modern era. My next top 100 film update will

The 32nd Best Director of All-Time: Steven Spielberg

Spielberg. I have spielberg’s filmography point totals higher than his #32 ranking here which would suggest, correctly I believe, that his oeuvre is stronger than he is as a director. I love spielberg’s films. I

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