Dirty Harry – 1971 Siegel

The opening shot- a pragmatically chosen zoom shot (yes it’s 1971 and zooms are abound but this is a sniper shot of the killer) In that opening shot the wonderful jazz score is given full

Slumdog Millionaire – 2008 Boyle & Tandan

The entire film is filled with genuine energy- vibrant editing It’s certainly a unique narrative flashback structure with the flashbacks, each vignettes and yarns of seemingly embellished memories, triggered by the millionaire questions—all of this

Clouds of Sils Maria- 2014 Assayas

Assayas is a very tough auteur for me in many ways- just ultra-ambiguous at all times. He’s intelligent but not overly stylish and certainly you have to work at his films Binoche and Stewart are

Nocturnal Animals – 2016 Tom Ford

There’s a lot going on here. Perhaps most intriguingly, there’s a facet of the film that is showing the grotesque as beautifully shot art. It starts with the bizarre opening of the obese women dancing

Land of Mine – 2015 Zandvliet

Wonderful lead performance from Roland Møller that probably pushes this from the fringe of the worth a look/ recommend border into the archives I’m not dying to see what the director does next but it’

The Unholy Three – 1925 Browning

Certainly fits Browning’s obsession with deformity, oddities and carnival background Visually he fully embraces shadows here in the mise-en-scene and has some great shots of the jux-apposition, in shadows, of the size of Harry Earles

Carlos – 2010 Assayas

I’ve now seen both the shortened version and the full 5 hour 34 minute version Assayas is clearly influenced by Algiers- this film is all narrative (which is both good and bad- it’s very interesting

The Godfather Part III – 1990 Francis Ford Coppola

  “Just when I think I was out they pull me back in” Many of the critics recognize the impossibility of following up two of the greatest films in cinema history- this film is neither

Prometheus – 2012 Ridley Scott

The starts off with an absolute stunner of an opening and credit sequence- such beautiful photography is pretty rare in cinema There’s a lot under the surface with the Fassbender character. I’ve seen this film

Boudu Saved from Drowning – 1932 Renoir

It’s a subversive situation comedy- starts with nobody helping a bum (Michel Simon as Boudu) look for a lost dog and everyone trying to help a rich beautiful woman do the same Great long reverse

Mommy – 2014 Dolan

Dolan’s best film that I’ve seen to date Tour-de-force acting from newcomer (at least to me) Antoine-Olivier Pilon, and the two women that are basically Dolan’s muses at this point- Clement and Dorval (and it’s

Tom at the Farm – 2013 Dolan

Dolan has toned it down a little visually but it’s still a gorgeous film- lush photography and just about every critic, rightly, notes the beautiful Gabriel Yared score Oddly enough yared’s previous best work (arguably

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