The 37th Best Director of All-Time: Lars Von Trier

Von Trier. I have breaking the waves as the best film of the 1990’s. Obviously that has a huge impact on my list here. I also adore von trier and he is quite an artist. However controversial he may be, I

The 38th Best Director of All-Time: D.W. Griffith

Griffith. A few years ago I would not have Griffith in the top 50 directors of all-time. Another example of why this is an always-evolving list that I hope to pause and update every 4-5

Prometheus – 2012 Ridley Scott

The starts off with an absolute stunner of an opening and credit sequence- such beautiful photography is pretty rare in cinema There’s a lot under the surface with the Fassbender character. I’ve seen this film

The 39th Best Director of All-Time: Roman Polanski

Polanski. I’m higher than some on Polanski because of my adoration of both of his occult films: rosemary’s baby and repulsion. I think both are masterpieces, which, when paired with Chinatown, made Polanski one of the world’s best filmmakers

Boudu Saved from Drowning – 1932 Renoir

It’s a subversive situation comedy- starts with nobody helping a bum (Michel Simon as Boudu) look for a lost dog and everyone trying to help a rich beautiful woman do the same Great long reverse

Mommy – 2014 Dolan

Dolan’s best film that I’ve seen to date Tour-de-force acting from newcomer (at least to me) Antoine-Olivier Pilon, and the two women that are basically Dolan’s muses at this point- Clement and Dorval (and it’s

Tom at the Farm – 2013 Dolan

Dolan has toned it down a little visually but it’s still a gorgeous film- lush photography and just about every critic, rightly, notes the beautiful Gabriel Yared score Oddly enough yared’s previous best work (arguably

The 40th Best Director of All-Time: Sidney Lumet

Lumet. He’s one of the 5-10 most underrated auteurs in film history. His films aren’t respected enough and lumet isn’t given nearly enough appreciation. He’s a “style-minus” director on a list like this and doesn’t

The Southerner – 1945 Renoir

Nice smooth lyrical tracking shots through the southern farm and cotton fields Pretty much ignored at the time of release for a bunch of reasons- Variety review from 1945 was hard on it for being

Kansas City Confidential – 1952 Karlson

It’s a really strong outline and narrative for a caper film, with 3 really strong performances by Van Cleef, Neville Brand and Jack Elam as the 3 heavies— John Payne is the perfect straight guy

The Godfather: Part II – 1974 Francis Ford Coppola

It is a massive production. I forget about that over the years. It has hundreds of extras, massive production detail, 5 locations- Miami, NYC, Tahoe, Cuba and Sicily… the scope reminds of Griffith, von Stroheim,

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