24 Hour Party People – 2002 Winterbottom


I’ve seen a dozen Winterbottom films and I feel nearly certain that he won’t make a better film 4 star raves from Travers and Ebert Coogan absolutely gives one of 2002’s best performances as Tony

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The Illusionist – 2006 Burger


It’s a near-perfect (not faultless) modest storm for non-auteur archiveable cinema (Burger’s only archiveable film to date) of great elements-- from the cast (Giamatti is the highlight), score by Philip Glass, Dick Pope’s Oscar-nominated cinematography

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Grease – 1978 Kleiser


It’s a very good blend of winning songs (all well performed and staged), writing and performances, from not only Travolta and Newton-John but from the entire cast including Stockard Channing- from the inspired cartoon opening

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He Walked by Night – 1948 Werker


Lots of debate on how much of the film was directed by uncredited Anthony Mann Basehart is great here as a pre-Travis Bickle Travis Bickle disillusioned war-vet killer/criminal John Alton the DP may the real

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Love & Friendship – 2016 Stillman


Not a huge deal in the larger scheme of things but I’m with many of the critics that disliked the god-awful title for the film In the oeuvre of Jane Austen films this one has

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The Last of the Mohicans – 1936 Seitz


Randolph Scott is absolutely perfect as Hawkeye If you can get past the racial implications of casting Bruce Cabot as Magua (it’s 1936)- he’s pretty terrific in the role There’s a tremendous dolly-in during the

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Graduation – 2016 Mungiu


It’s a slow-burn film detailing deconstructing a life and a morality study Winner of best director at cannes Nearly all diegetic music Formally the film requires multiple viewings- there’s some nice elements like the stone

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Juarez – 1939 Dieterle


One of Warner Brothers premiere big budget pictures from 1939—it is a really solid film- it just got swallowed up, historically, in the tsunami of great films from Hollywood’s golden year. Muni is one of

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Edward Scissorhands – 1990 Burton


The first pairing of Burton and Depp Love the homage to horror and gothic with the Vincent Price casting Can’t get behind the #645 on TSPDT all-time ranking Lots of one-joke humor like “look, he

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Wild tales – 2014 Szifron


This is a very entertaining anthology film filled with pitch-black humor and tales of revenge It’s in the archives for nearly all narrative reasons- I’m not dying to see what Szifron does next It’s consistent,

Wild tales – 2014 Szifron2017-05-03T20:40:15+00:00

La Grande Illusion – 1937 Renoir


It is an intelligent prison-film and drama—the most common words used by critics heaping praise on it are “humanist”, ”anti-war” and “graceful”. Graceful is the only one that refers to style- putting it candidly it’s

La Grande Illusion – 1937 Renoir2017-05-01T13:59:47+00:00
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