Basic Instinct – 1992 Verhoeven

Like many of Verhoeven films it was severely underrated by critics but if you dig into the reviews- they admire Verhoeven’s style (at least a lot of them do) but cringe at the sleaziness of


best film:  The General. This year by year archive look has been sort of a remarkable exercise already here as we have yet another year where Buster Keaton made the best film. The General is


best film:  Potemkin- Stylistically battleship potemkin is one of the most important, and yes, best, films of all-time. It is innovative in its storytelling and one of the 4-5 films I think of most when

Gran Torino – 2008 Eastwood

It’s a fringe recommendation for me but despite the clichés and bad acting from the supporting players (boy does this film have some flaws) I think the sincerely in the relationships and characters are formally


best film:  Sherlock Jr as the best film of the year gives Keaton the best film in back to back years with our hospitality in 1923. Sherlock Jr, at 45 minutes, almost might be the


best film:  our hospitality isn’t Keaton’s best work (his second feature) but in a down year it is my #1 film of 1923. Keaton’s stunt work is amazing but his knack for storytelling and larger


best film:  Nosferatu is an essential masterpiece- a landmark in horror cinema, german expressionism, and murnau’s wonderful career as an auteur. It makes for the 3rd year in a row that we’ve had a dark

Bull Durham – 1988 Shelton

Rightly praised for its colorful screenplay by Shelton (who spent 5 years in the minors himself) and for the strong 3 leads (Costner, Sarandon, and Robbins) who would become major stars for the next decade—all


best film:  Lang’s destiny takes narrative elements from Griffith’s intolerance (3 clear narrative strands- Mideast story line, Spanish, and Chinese) and mise-en-scene elements from caligari (see décor detail in picture above) to make a brilliant


best film:  The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is by far the best film from 1920. It’s the birth of expressionism, and, largely, mise-en-scene (or at least set design). I could be another viewing of it


best film: Intolerance – It’s easily the greatest example of cinema as art to date in 1916 and wouldn’t be topped throughout the rest of the decade. The crane shot is stunning and the narrative structure

Loving – 2016 Jeff Nichols

Nichols and his two leads (Negga and Edgerton), through nuanced and un-showy performances, go through pains to set up their love, these two people, and their circumstances as both common and some sort of eden

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