The Best 100 Films of All-Time

The Searchers- (Ford) – 1956 Apocalypse Now- (F. Coppola) – 1979 2001: A Space Odyssey- (Kubrick)- 1968 Raging Bull (Scorsese)- 1980 Citizen Kane- (Welles)- 1941 8 ½ - (Fellini)- 1963 Blade Runner- (Scott)- 1982 Vertigo-

The Top 100 Directors of All-Time

1) Hitchcock- 5 masterpieces, 6 must-see, 2 HR’s, 29 archiveable films total 2) Kubrick- 6 masterpieces, 2 must-see, 2 HR’s, 12 archiveable 3) Ford- 6 masterpieces, 2 must-see, 5 HR’s, 26 archiveable 4) Bergman- 6 masterpieces, 3 must-see,

The Best Director of All-Time: Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock. I really only had one other candidate for the #1 slot. Forget “pop” artist or best director, Hitchcock is as good a candidate as any for the greatest artist of the 20th century (given cinema

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters – 1985 Schrader

Schrader, for what it’s worth, considers this film his best film as director Philip Glass’s luminous score and John Bailey’s photography (especially some of the venetian blind lighting/shadow work) helps make the film a truly

The 2nd Best Director of All-Time: Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick. Kubrick was the one I was going back and forth with for the #1 slot. I don’t think I would’ve felt this strongly about his case for #1 if it weren’t for my elevation of 2001 in recent

The 3rd Best Director of All-Time: John Ford

John Ford. This was pretty much impossible for me to do. I had Hitchock and Kubrick as my clear 1-2. I had Ford virtually tied with four others. I went through a ton of metrics and tiebreakers

The 4th Best Director of All-Time: Ingmar Bergman

Bergman. For my #4 slot I went with Bergman. Bergman’s case is every strong. I have him graded out with 6 masterpieces which is tied for the most of any director all-time.  He also has

Enter the Dragon – 1973 Clouse

Lalo Schifrin’s (cool hand luke, dirty harry, bullitt) helps set the film apart and above lesser Bruce less and other genre films- the film is very score-heavy and dialogue is, by Clouse, smartly used pretty

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington– 1939 Capra

Tour-de-force from Jimmy Stewart- especially in the last 30 minutes with the filibuster sequence Capra and Stewart sure are the normal rockwell of cinema- Definition of wholesome with his “gee whiz” sayings and naivety- it

The Bitter Tea of General Yen– 1933 Capra

Much like capra’s it’s a wonderful life the film can get very dark- early on there’s a hanging man in war-ravaged china blocking the mise-en-scene like a von Sternberg film Quickly edited but there’s some

The 5th Best Director of All-Time: Martin Scorsese

The 5th Best Director of All-Time: Martin Scorsese I went with Scorsese for my #5 director of all-time. He’s the highest rated living (and active) director on the list! In some ways Scorsese is the

No Country for Old Men – 2007 Coen

The narrative grips you in a way few films in film history has. It’s unrelenting in its narrative propulsion. The coens and Javier bardem (along with Cormac McCarthy of course) have created one of the

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