Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb – 1964 Kubrick

Comedy or otherwise, it’s one of the greatest screenplays of all-time Justifiable oscar nom for Peter Sellers- should’ve been one for George C. Scott and Sterling Hayden (as the ultimate straight man here) as well----

The Bourne Ultimatum – 2007 Greengrass

The film’s narrative is slim- it is essentially bourne protecting 3 people- Paddy Considine, Julia Stiles, and (with a twist)- Joan allen- it’s a great example of style over substance- such a great exercise and

Men in War – 1957 Anthony Mann

Starts off with a strong opening tracking shot along a well-worn battle field Solid Bernstein score Very detailed blocked, stacked faces like a Bergman film, stacked along vehicles here- lots of foreground/background work here Feels like a

Tunes of Glory – 1960 Neame

It’s a solid film but really it’s in the archives mainly because it’s a tremendous showcase for Alec Guinness- he plays a very large character here- chewing scenes-- nails the Scottish accent- a drinking blue-collar

Django Unchained – 2012 Tarantino

It’s a brilliant and very entertaining film. Robert Richardson as the DP does some fantastic work here- and I certainly wish this, not hateful eight- had been QT’s 65/70mm film Wondrously zoom-heavy Waltz’s exacting diction

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