One from the Heart – 1981 Francis Ford Coppola

It’s a very simple story (fatally so for many critics) told in pure style- extremely experimental visually First off, there is a ton of parallel editing as the film is really a matching of two

War for the Planet of the Apes – 2017 Reeves

It’s the best of the trilogy. Has strong set design and mise-en-scene… early on there are highlights with a waterfall in the background for aided effect and another sequence of gorgeous long barren white trees

Willard – 1971 Daniel Mann

The four main actors are perfectly cast. Locke (who is not a good actor) is spot on as the awkward, shy but pretty girl. Davison is ideal as the wimpy poor man’s Anthony perkins from

Jaws – 1975 Spielberg

To a true cinema lover I truly think now (after watching it maybe 6-8 times) that the first half of the film is actually better than the brilliant shark-chase rousing second half of the film.

Titanic – 1997 Cameron

Magnificent match transitions both coming in and out of flashback A dozen transcendent-level establishing shots of ships Like avatar, Cameron takes cliches like the star-crossed rich girl/poor boy lovers and class struggle and reinvents them

The Dark Knight Rises – 2012 Nolan

Without ledger’s performance I think I’d grade rises as the slightly superior film to 2008’s the dark knight. This is really hard because I also think Tom Hardy as Bane is absolutely wonderful here and between

The Dark Knight – 2008 Nolan

I’ve heard many call it the empire strikes back of the trilogy and I like that- it’s the best film of the series (though close) and certainly very bleak The film begins with a trademark

Bananas – 1971 Allen

It’s the second of five archiveable “early funny films” from Woody It’s really his take on the Marx brothers duck soup and he uses a stand-in (contemporary for the time) Cuba and Castro instead of


best film:  La Grande Illusion. I’ve got a pretty big gap between the rules of the game and this but it’s still a remarkable lyrical film one on Renoir’s (a great, all-time auteur) best. most

Marie Antoinette – 2006 Sofia Coppola

After lost in translation (and largely because it came after that masterpiece) this was viewed as a major disappointment upon initial release but it’s a visually stunning film. Sofia was given a larger budget for

WarGames – 1983 Badham

WarGames got a deserving screenplay nom for updating fail safe and Strangelove for the 80’s Broderick’s skill shows both intelligence and mischief- two qualities that he would do again (and more successfully) in ferris bueller’s day off Like Strangelove- we have

Office Space – 1999 Judge

The comic writing by judge is superb—we may be touching the boundaries of “taste” here but I find this film to be superior, with its polish and crafted writing, to much off the improvise work

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