Primal Fear – 1996 Hoblit


woefully underrated by the critics- 47 on mc but I have it in the archives The critics, rightly so, have a really hard time with some of the hokey courtroom stuff—the film would’ve been better

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The Others – 2001 Amenabar


Certainly borrows equally from the sixth sense and jack clayton’s the innocents from 1961—Kidman, like the Kerr character- dominates the film which is a horror film with a young boy/girl combo Kidman is so genuine

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best film:  modern times is easily the best film of 1936. It’s a testament to Chaplin that this film, not even his best, hovers so far above the other best films of 1936. It’s a


Baby Driver – 2017 Edgar Wright


The film starts with two stunner sequences- the car chase and the singin’ in the rain- like tracking shot Influences are a’ plenty from overt ones like goodfellas and fight club to homages to bullet

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The Beguiled – 2017 Sofia Coppola


The first thing to praise is the use of natural lighting and intermixed exterior shots of the garden and house- it’s stunning photography from beginning to end and you need the full film to realize.

The Beguiled – 2017 Sofia Coppola2017-07-06T02:11:56+00:00

The Beguiled – 1971 Siegel


Many similarities in the artistic form with both Siegel’s dirty harry (also from 1971) and eastwood’s outlaw josey wales in 1976. All three are shot by Bruce Surtees (lenny 1974) – like Dirty Harry and

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Batman Begins – 2005 Nolan


I had forgotten how polarizing the reviews were- I thought it was closer to like 78-85 with universal praise but it has a 70 on mc with 5 (12% 100’s which is quite high for

Batman Begins – 2005 Nolan2020-07-03T10:31:34+00:00



best film:  The 39 Steps. 1935 has the weakest “best film of the year” of the decade by a pretty wide margin. I love the 39 steps but have it no better than tied for

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