Requiem for a Dream – 2000 Aronofsky


Requiem is a masterpiece of editing/montage It’s a relentless, sometimes repetitive, unsparing and searing fucked up portrayal of the American dream I forgot about the heavy use of split screen Accented sound editing (drugs being

Requiem for a Dream – 2000 Aronofsky2017-08-31T20:00:25+00:00

Zelig – 1983 Allen


Zelig is an inventive leap for Allen (in a period where he was wildly creative) but also in tune with his normal obsessions and thematic muses such as psychoanalysis, romance, and jazz An important landmark

Zelig – 1983 Allen2017-08-30T14:33:57+00:00

Matchstick Men – 2003 Ridley Scott


The reviews of the time focused unfairly on soderbergh’s oceans 11 or as good as it gets with the OCD-ness of cage’s character—but I think it has more in common Bogdanovich paper moon with the

Matchstick Men – 2003 Ridley Scott2020-07-03T10:31:29+00:00

Jamaica Inn – 1939 Hitchcock


It’s a good film directed by Alfred Hitchcock instead of being truly a “Alfred Hitchcock film” which is disappointing on many levels—even some of his lesser films would be more interesting as an artist Maureen

Jamaica Inn – 1939 Hitchcock2020-10-14T17:55:31+00:00

Good Time – 2017 Safdie


It is an excellent film, but more than that, it is a work of very promising young filmmakers who make clear ambitious aesthetic choices throughout- I think at least one of the Safdie brothers is

Good Time – 2017 Safdie2020-07-23T15:36:48+00:00

Robin and Marian – 1976 Lester


Even with the title, Lester is aiming for a very unsexy (Connery looking gruff and ruggedly handsome without wearing underwear) and demythologized take on Robin Hood. It is the first role for Audrey in 8

Robin and Marian – 1976 Lester2020-07-03T10:31:29+00:00

Blackboard Jungle – 1955 R. Brooks


Notorious for being part of the youth movement along with rebel without a cause in the same year and the wild one in 1953 “rock around the clock” bookends the film and is a startling

Blackboard Jungle – 1955 R. Brooks2017-08-25T14:51:09+00:00

Pi – 1998 Aronofsky


The film has grown on me over the years for sure, but the sheer ugliness of the patchy 16mm photography is so hard for me to get past. There’s a guaranteed top 5 film of

Pi – 1998 Aronofsky2017-08-21T18:50:05+00:00

Murder! – 1930 Hitchcock


It’s hard to believe that this is Hitchcock’s tenth feature- a crime drama set in a theater (something he’d do again often in 39 steps, stage freight)—it’s one of the best films of 1930 and

Murder! – 1930 Hitchcock2017-08-21T17:17:14+00:00

Logan Lucky – 2017 Soderbergh


I laughed at soderbergh’s retirement in 2013. I said then that I thought he’d make another movie because Tarantino—I was wrong. Tarantino released hateful eight in 2015 and we didn’t get logan lucky until 2017.

Logan Lucky – 2017 Soderbergh2019-07-26T14:36:18+00:00

Risky Business – 1983 Brickman


It’ s a teen coming-of-age film made with clear artistic intentions. It’s clearly influenced by the graduate but with an 80’s capitalism and materialism spin (complete with wonderful neon titles, a fantastic tangerine dream score,

Risky Business – 1983 Brickman2020-07-03T10:31:31+00:00

Kings of the Road – 1976 Wenders


Part of Wenders “road trilogy” which includes alice in the cities and wrong move. The narrative is sparse with little momentum—scriptless- but this is simple description- not a negative critique as the film is brilliant

Kings of the Road – 1976 Wenders2017-08-17T17:32:08+00:00
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