Requiem for a Dream – 2000 Aronofsky

Requiem is a masterpiece of editing/montage It’s a relentless, sometimes repetitive, unsparing and searing fucked up portrayal of the American dream I forgot about the heavy use of split screen Accented sound editing (drugs being


best film:  lola montes at the top spot here again means an ophuls film has been my choice for two times in three years. Lola Montes is a stylistic explosion and is far ahead of

Zelig – 1983 Allen

Zelig is an inventive leap for Allen (in a period where he was wildly creative) but also in tune with his normal obsessions and thematic muses such as psychoanalysis, romance, and jazz An important landmark


best film:  Seven Samurai beats out rear window which is no small feat. Seven Samurai is a master auteur at the height of his powers. It has a brilliant epic formal construction, quite possibly invents


best film: The Earrings of Madame de... is ophuls at his best with his floating camera. It is the greatest use of cinematography to date in 1953 pure and simple. most underrated:   pickup on south street

Matchstick Men – 2003 Ridley Scott

The reviews of the time focused unfairly on soderbergh’s oceans 11 or as good as it gets with the OCD-ness of cage’s character—but I think it has more in common Bogdanovich paper moon with the

Jamaica Inn – 1939 Hitchcock

It’s a good film directed by Alfred Hitchcock instead of being truly a “Alfred Hitchcock film” which is disappointing on many levels—even some of his lesser films would be more interesting as an artist Maureen

Good Time – 2017 Safdie

It is an excellent film, but more than that, it is a work of very promising young filmmakers who make clear ambitious aesthetic choices throughout- I think at least one of the Safdie brothers is

Robin and Marian – 1976 Lester

Even with the title, Lester is aiming for a very unsexy (Connery looking gruff and ruggedly handsome without wearing underwear) and demythologized take on Robin Hood. It is the first role for Audrey in 8

Blackboard Jungle – 1955 R. Brooks

Notorious for being part of the youth movement along with rebel without a cause in the same year and the wild one in 1953 “rock around the clock” bookends the film and is a startling


best film:  Singin’ in the Rain remains my #1 film of the year though it has become closer and closer over time with umberto d and le Plaisir. Singin’ in the Rain is film worthy


best film:  Strangers on a train is the easy #1 film for me in 1951. There are plenty of artistic highlights to choose from beginning with that tracking shot showing just the legs of the

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