best film:  the big sleep is my #1 film of 1946 but it’s really like a four horse race at the top. I think the big sleep is an even stronger effort than 1944’s own

Charulata– 1964 Satyajit Ray

Among Satyajit Ray’s best work- a meditation on passions, politics, romance and writing More leisurely paced than most of Ray’s work Brilliant shot of camera attached to a swing to capture Madhabi Mukherjee’s face- this

The Seven Year Itch – 1955 Wilder

It’s minor Wilder but an entertaining comedy with solid performances from Ewell and Monroe It’s famous and film lore now because of the air vent skirt scene She just plays “the girl” in the credits

A Clockwork Orange – 1971 Kubrick

Endless things to praise--- I’ll start with the best single performance in a Kubrick film from Malcom McDowell. Sellers is great in Strangelove as is jack in the shining and kirk douglas in paths of glory but forced to choose I’d

Manhattan Murder Mystery – 1993 Allen

Allen uses the same hand-held camera style here he used so effectively in husbands and wives from the prior year Lighter fare- even for allen- influenced heavily by double indemnity (seen in film) but more

Shattered Glass – 2003 Billy Ray

Ray is an accomplished screenwriter (would go on to write captain Phillips a decade later among other works Half of the reviews mention all the president’s men and it’s a nice flip side of the

A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy– 1982 Allen

Heavily influenced by Renoir and Bergman (in addition to Shakespeare and some of woody’s philosophical fixations)—particularly smiles of a summer night and the rules of the game—but clearly the largest influence is Renoir’s playful a

The Informant! – 2009 Soderbergh

Soderbergh’s lighting and Damon’s performance put this one over the top and into the archives It’s great to see the comedic talents of Damon (as we would again in the martian in 2015)- I mean


best film:  Open City is a masterpiece and a stylistic milestone on par (or close) with potemkin. Rossellini’s film has to be seen in the context of 1945 to fully realize how innovative and influential

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask – 1972 Allen

It’s woody’s 4th film as director- and I have no problem if someone would argue to keep it out of the archives but I found it funny and innovative enough to barely slide by as


best film:  double indemnity is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, film noir of all-time and it, along with a few other films, signifies the beginning of that important genre (and era) in

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