Undertow – 2004 Gordon Green


I certainly hope David Gordon Green returns to this more experimental version of himself—he’s still only in his early 40’s and has 5 archiveable films but going back and reading roger eberts 4 star review

Undertow – 2004 Gordon Green2020-07-03T10:31:24+00:00

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – 2007 Lumet


The great auteur Sidney Lumet proves that at age 83 he still has it. The film is a completely enthralling morality play that is strategically edited and filled with great performances It has much in

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – 2007 Lumet2020-07-03T10:31:24+00:00

Black Swan – 2010 Aronofsky


The opening scene, a dream sequence, has an absolutely astounding use of cinematography. It’s very distinctive as well- aggressive camerawork despite it being a tracking shot and ballet. The wound in Portman’s back are reminiscent

Black Swan – 2010 Aronofsky2020-07-03T10:31:24+00:00

Wild River – 1960 Kazan


It’s in color and cinemascope but is still very much a Kazan film- driven by characters, their discourse and paced with strong performances Solid color photography- location shooting in Tennessee Opening doc footage in black

Wild River – 1960 Kazan2020-07-03T10:31:26+00:00

Dead End – 1937 Wyler


  The film is an early one for Bogart, and he’s good in it, but it’s in the archives based on the strength of Wyler’s direction It’s so weird to see Bogart get third billing-

Dead End – 1937 Wyler2020-07-03T10:31:26+00:00

The Snake Pit – 1948 Litvak


From an evaluative quality comparison standpoint it is not as good as milos forman’s one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, sam fuller’s shock corridor or terry gilliam’s 12 monkeys but it’s still an archiveable film—it’s

The Snake Pit – 1948 Litvak2017-09-18T21:18:20+00:00

Top Gun – 1986 Tony Scott


There’s enough to praise from an artistic standpoint to earn a right into the archives The aerial sequences, oscar nominated sound is really superb But mainly it’s Tony Scott’s frenetic montage editing- which was incorrectly

Top Gun – 1986 Tony Scott2017-09-18T20:32:25+00:00

Swiss Family Robinson – 1960 Annakin


Gloriously shot in Panavision (disney’s first) on location in Tobago It is a decent narrative- but there’s a bit of a trader horn travelogue “trip to the zoo in 1960” feel to it. Not nearly

Swiss Family Robinson – 1960 Annakin2020-07-03T10:31:27+00:00

The Last King of Scotland – 2006 Macdonald


Most notable and solely archiveable for the performances- chiefly the Oscar winning performance from Forest Whitaker. His Idi Amin would make a good comparison with Idris Elba’s work in beasts of no nation. Whitaker is

The Last King of Scotland – 2006 Macdonald2020-07-03T10:31:27+00:00

The Wrestler – 2008 Aronofsky


It is an excellent film but it’s the least “aronofsky” (or tied with noah) of the aronofsky films and therefore near the bottom of his films when ranking his oeuvre- its stylistic ambitions are not

The Wrestler – 2008 Aronofsky2017-09-26T13:14:54+00:00

Apocalypse Now – 1979 Francis Ford Coppola


Apocalypse Now is the second best film of all-time, which makes it the greatest war film, perhaps the greatest singular usage of set pieces in cinema, coppola’s finest film, amongst other praise I’d love to

Apocalypse Now – 1979 Francis Ford Coppola2020-07-03T10:31:27+00:00
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