best film: It took me a long time to get to Kalatozov’s I Am Cuba. I didn’t get to it until 2016 and when I did I saw it again the next night I was so

Dead End – 1937 Wyler

  The film is an early one for Bogart, and he’s good in it, but it’s in the archives based on the strength of Wyler’s direction It’s so weird to see Bogart get third billing-


best film:  8 ½ is far and away the best film of 1963. It’s solidly in my top 10 and 1963 doesn’t offer any others in my top 100. It’s auteur cinema at its finest,


best film:  1962 is a two horse race for best film between David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia and Truffaut’s jules and jim. I’d be fine with either as my top choice, both are in my

The Snake Pit – 1948 Litvak

From an evaluative quality comparison standpoint it is not as good as milos forman’s one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, sam fuller’s shock corridor or terry gilliam’s 12 monkeys but it’s still an archiveable film—it’s

Top Gun – 1986 Tony Scott

There’s enough to praise from an artistic standpoint to earn a right into the archives The aerial sequences, oscar nominated sound is really superb But mainly it’s Tony Scott’s frenetic montage editing- which was incorrectly

Swiss Family Robinson – 1960 Annakin

Gloriously shot in Panavision (disney’s first) on location in Tobago It is a decent narrative- but there’s a bit of a trader horn travelogue “trip to the zoo in 1960” feel to it. Not nearly


best film: Viridana is Bunuel’s greatest work which is a monumental achievement in itself. He takes a flamethrower to the church and bourgeoisie and his visual storytelling has never been stronger. The scenes of the death


best film:  La Dolce Vita is fellini’s tour of the seven deadly sins (and sacraments and creation) through Marcello Mastroianni, modern rome, and some of the best set pieces cinema has ever produced. That said,

The Last King of Scotland – 2006 Macdonald

Most notable and solely archiveable for the performances- chiefly the Oscar winning performance from Forest Whitaker. His Idi Amin would make a good comparison with Idris Elba’s work in beasts of no nation. Whitaker is

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan– 2006 Larry Charles

Sacha Baron Cohen is a comic genius and this is his greatest achievement to date. He’s a provocateur like lenny bruce or richard pryor A rare 4 star review from RS Peter Travers—but then he

The Wrestler – 2008 Aronofsky

It is an excellent film but it’s the least “aronofsky” (or tied with noah) of the aronofsky films and therefore near the bottom of his films when ranking his oeuvre- its stylistic ambitions are not

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