best film: Goodfellas is narrative and stylistic cinematic bliss. I could watch it once a week. It has everything from some of the more memorable characters (acted to perfection be Liotta, Pesci and De Niro)


The Wolf Man – 1941 Waggner


The atmospherics in the forest with the lighting and mist make for a very strong visual The cast is excellent as well- Lon Chaney Jr is perfect as the likeable, well-intentioned, charming, but physically intimidating

The Wolf Man – 1941 Waggner2017-10-31T17:35:03+00:00

The Black Cat – 1934 Ulmer


Great film for multiple reasons: Yes, we have Bela Legosi and Boris Karloff going head to head but to the more seasoned admirer of cinema we have ulmer’s expressionist work with shadows and set design

The Black Cat – 1934 Ulmer2017-10-30T18:57:44+00:00

Haxan – 1922 Christensen


It’s an ambitious work- both thematically and stylistically- from Christensen—Denmark Story told in 7 chapters In told in an essay style- I think Christensen sees himself almost as an educator- very didactic—he’s literally pointing things

Haxan – 1922 Christensen2020-07-03T10:31:19+00:00

Haywire – 2011 Soderbergh


It’s an interesting mixture of gorgeous photography and lighting (soderbergh), a very chill score (david holmes who also worked with soderbergh to create great atmospheric score for oceans 11 and out of sight) and heavy

Haywire – 2011 Soderbergh2017-10-30T17:09:03+00:00

Death Rides a Horse – 1967 Petroni


In the archives on the back of Lee Van Cleef and Morricone A horrifying opening—boy witnessing rapes of wife and mother and murder of entire family Crude and blunt in content (see above and a

Death Rides a Horse – 1967 Petroni2017-10-30T16:46:38+00:00

The Mummy 1932 – Freund


Freund, the director here, was a top-tier DP during the era- he show many of murnau’s films. He shot fritz Lang’s metropolis. An Austrian cinematographer There was a real exploration of king tut that made

The Mummy 1932 – Freund2017-10-27T20:41:58+00:00

A Raisin in the Sun 1961 – Petrie


The entire cast is amazing but it’s Poitier’s show. Very rarely has he played such a (largely… there reformation here at the end) unlikeable character. He’s a fireball of energy Like many stage plays of

A Raisin in the Sun 1961 – Petrie2017-10-27T20:25:53+00:00



best film: As much as I liked she’s gotta have it, spike’s debut film, and there’s some interesting stuff in 1988’s school daze, there was no predicting the brilliance of Spike Lee’s 3rd feature. Do




best film: I have David Cronenberg as the 31st best director of all-time and dead ringers is his best film. This ranking for cronenberg puts him above Spielberg, Rossellini, Wilder and Bresson. That should give




best film: Kubrick’s full metal jacket is my #1 film but may be my weakest film to land at my annual #1 since 1935’s the 39 steps by Hitchcock. It’s the best film of the


Blade Runner 2049 – 2017 Villeneuve


There should be praise for Gosling, Ford, Roger Deakins and Dennis Gassner (the product designer who worked on road to perdition, skyfall, o brother where art thou?) but this is Villeneuve’s show and he’s in

Blade Runner 2049 – 2017 Villeneuve2020-07-03T10:31:21+00:00
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