best film: blue velvet is still my top rated lynch film though mulholland drive has been gaining on it over the years. The entire film is haunting—even the scenes that are hokey (some of the


Topper – 1937 McLeod


McLeod directed some good Marx Brother’s movies. This movie is part screwball 1930’s comedy depression escapism, part marx brothers slapstick, and part HG Wells/James whale invisible man Spawned multiple sequels (without cary grant who essentially

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Paris, Texas – 1984 Wenders


It’s another gorgeous travelogue road trip wenders film with photography from Robby Mueller (dp of dead man, many of the jarmusch films actually, and worked with Von Trier on breaking the waves and dancer in

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best film: Brazil is, at one time, one of the greatest sci-fi films of all-time, one of the greatest comedies of all-time, and so unmissably one of the most terry Gilliam movies of all-time. It




best film: Leone’s once upon a time in america is hauntingly beautiful in one scene and then crass and crude in the next. It’s a spectacular contrast (1900 by fellow Italian bertolucci is similar). It’s


The Invisible Man – 1933 Whale


The Invisible man is an overlooked whale film simply because it isn’t a Frankenstein It’s his best edited film Claude rains is very good in a memorable first archiveable role- all vocal (and well done at that) until

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Dracula – 1931 Browning


The first 15-20 minutes are superb— the introduction tracking shot of Lugosi as Dracula- getting out of his coffin- is amazing as are the series of establishing shots getting closer and closer to the castle

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The Devil’s Candy – 2015 Sean Byrne


a taut, short (79 minutes) aesthetically pleasing and atmospherically energized intelligent horror film the use of the sound mix and audio is superb—we have the voices in the killer’s head and a dedication to the

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The Omen – 1976 Donner


the omen is a very solid Recommend on the verge of crossing over into the HR territory but not there taut direction by Donner—the story sure moves and it is a strong narrative—we’re looking at

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Something Wild – 1986 Demme


Something wild is an odd mainstream movie, part of demme’s yuppie trilogy in the 80’s that reminds me of blue velvet but has some wild tonal shifts that I thin throw a lot of people

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best film: The lack of appreciation for coppola’s rumble fish is a mystery to me. It’s a visual experiment from one of cinema’s great masters and although there are flaws, it is exceptional enough for




best film: Blade Runner is one of the greatest 10 films of all-time (#7 for me) and the second best film of the entire 80’s (raging bull).  Ridley Scott’s masterpiece is perhaps cinema’s greatest showcase

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