best film: I think Steven Spielberg’s raiders of the lost ark is his best film, one of the greatest action films of all-time, and a top 100 overall film. The set pieces are wall to

Blood and Black Lace – 1964 Bava

Mario Bava’s blood and black lace is a fascinating blend of high and low art. The script is putrid and the acting is just straight bad but bava’s gliding camera, and especially his use of


best film: Raging Bull is my #5 of all-time and the best film of the entire 1980’s (and the best film since 1979’s apocalypse now). The de niro performance is what is discussed the most


best film: Apocalypse Now is my #2 of all-time and the crowning artistic success of Francis Ford Coppola so even in a year with woody allen’s manhattan and Andrei tarkovsky’s stalker it is my easy

The Bride of Frankenstein – 1935 Whale

The sequel (4 years after original apparently because Whale would only agree to do it if he had complete artistic control) lacks some of the narrative genius (this is far removed from mary shelley’s book)


best film: Malick’s days of heaven is far and away the best film of 1978 and with every viewing of the film moves it closer and closer to top of my overall all-time list (currently

Frankenstein – 1931 Whale

I think much of what makes up the film’s reputation as a masterpiece is the iconography of boris karloff’s “monster” character. While just iconography for iconography’s sake (many popular movies have “iconic” moments in mediocre

Demon Seed – 1977 Cammell

Very borderline archiveable—it has some interesting ideas – very much a 2001 meets rosemary’s baby (and it is absolutely influenced fully by those two masterpieces—you can even picture two producers putting the idea together) and


best film: annie hall leads the way in what is the weakest single year in quite some time (probably looking at somewhere in the 1950’s at this point). That said, there’s no shame in having


best film: Mean Streets marked the announcement of Scorsese a major new talent. It’s not a perfect film but a film with such much genius in it that it’s impossible to deny it’s status. Scorsese’s


best film:  Nashville is a massive artistic achievement and the crown jewel in the altman oeuvre. It has a large ensemble, overlapping dialogue, wonderfully used camera zooms to capture exactly what altman wants to capture

Black Sabbath – 1963 Bava

It’s an anthology horror film in three parts- stories about guilt and greed mainly because reckoned with from beyond the grave All 3 stories feature beauties The first story with the dripping water is the

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