Evil Dead II – 1987 Raimi

More of a reimagining than a sequel--- there’s more comedy, more gore, more budget (and raimi makes the most of it) – just a superior work to the original It’s hard to make this comment


best film:  The Godfather: Part II is a miracle of structural editing and narrative storytelling that surpasses the original in terms of size, scope and ambition (if not originality)—and that’s not half of it. It

Dead Calm – 1989 Noyce

This is a tight 3-actor thriller that is very well done but is nearly booted out of the archives with a god-awful ending **spoiler**-- I mean pick literally any other way for Billy Zane to


best film:  Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid edges out the 5 other masterpieces from 1973 for my top slot. It’s not the towering achievement that can hold up the quality of an entire decade

Enemy – 2013 Villeneuve

There is enough here formally to archive—I love the spiders as an ongoing motif and formal construct Fantastic silent opening—bizarre and erotic—reminded me of an eyes wide shut meeting The green/yellow lighting is a bit

20th Century Women – 2016 Mills

Mills is an absolute master of tone and intimacy. The film is filled with great montages (more on that in a second) breaking up small honest moments between superb characters acted out by a top-notch

The Beast of the City – 1932 Brabin

It’s superior to the average film because of Harlow, Huston, and the surprisingly busy camerawork of director Brabin (not on my radar at all and doesn’t look like he did much else) Opening quote and

Mother! – 2017 Aronofsky

Aronofsky’s mother! Is ambitious in its themes and the storytelling allegory-- it’s not quite matched by the aesthetic greatness that he (aronofksy) is clearly capable of and are abound in requiem for a dream or black swan The allegory is

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