Blade Runner – 1982 Ridley Scott

Simply put it’s an expressionistic masterpiece and perhaps the greatest example of production design and mise-en-scene in film history Has many roots in noir and detective/crime films and fiction—the fire bursting from the city reminds


best film:  The Thin Red Line fulfilled the promise of a 20 year wait since Terrence Malick’s previous feature, also a masterpiece (and the best film of its year), Days of Heaven. It didn’t have


best film:  PT Anderson’s Boogie Nights is that sonic boom giant masterpiece from a filmmaker under 30 (Chazelle in la la land missing the cut by a year) like citizen kane, the 400 blows, jaws,

1984 – 1984 Radford

An overlooked film for sure—underappreciated—it’s very notable for Roger Deakins photography (this was his big break so to speak) and the slow-burn narrative/performance by John Hurt Deakins bleach bypass technique completely washes out the color

Lady Bird – 2017 Gerwig

I didn’t find it to be the devastating formal work like paterson and the visuals don’t rise to a level of blade runner: 2049 or Dunkirk but I keep thinking that this film is just

Planes, Trains & Automobiles – 1987 Hughes

A near perfect odd couple comedy with both John Candy and Steve Martin giving perhaps their best performance. I think it’s the same John Hughes home alone house in the Chicago suburbs for martin’s family

Hannah and Her Sisters – 1986 Allen

Amongst other triumphs of the film, which is a masterpiece, it’s enchanting to watch Allen’s camera float around the opening and closing thanksgiving as he eavesdrops on conversations and digs into these 5 fascinating characters

The Ghost of Yotsuya – 1959 Nakagawa

Four separate set piece sequences make this a top 10 of the year quality film There’s a gorgeous opening tracking shot of a man killing two men who turn down the marriage proposal for his

Mudbound – 2017 Rees

A strong period drama with biting timely modern parallels to racism and frankly black people being treated better overseas than here at home It’s well-acted throughout but to me the standout is Jason Mitchell’s work

The Florida Project – 2017 Sean Baker

Baker more than succeeds in making the location, Orlando, and the hotel a living breathing character into the film. It’s a full transportation into the world of the film Baker has proven to be a


best film:  Breaking the Waves is a monumental achievement, the pinnacle of Von Trier’s career thus far, Dogme 95, and by a slight edge over Goodfellas, every other film in the 1990’s. Emily Watson’s debut

Snake Eyes – 1998 De Palma

For me the technical and stylistic achievements are enough to carry it into the archives despite the wretched lead performance by Nic Cage and some of the plotting issues and just generally weak overall narrative

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