The Lobster – 2015 Lanthimos


Lanthimos is a master world builder. The lobster is a great film in a vacuum but it was important to prove that dogtooth was no fluke. Part Bunuel, HG Wells, Kafka, Wes Anderson (that deadpan)—and

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The Usual Suspects – 1995 Singer


Is first and foremost a masterful screenplay- won the Oscar Certainly has noir elements in the film- some from 1949’s O.A which I love (flashback structure of course, seedy elements (asphalt jungle group of criminals)

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Atonement – 2007 Joe Wright


Atonement is even stronger than Wright’s 2005 pride and prejudice which gives him back to back masterful adaptations of very heavy literary works (this one from Ian McEwan) Big 4 star review from travers Mindful

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Raw Deal – 1948 Anthony Mann


It’s a perhaps not on the level of the very elite noir films but it’s on that second plane and certainly has great work from Anthony Mann behind the camera and John Alton the DP

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Patriot Games – 1992 Noyce


It confirms Noyce as an accomplished voice in the thriller genre after arriving with dead calm in 1989 Aided by a booming James Horner score and supremely gifted ensemble (Ford, Anne Archer, Richard Harris, Earl

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The Ascent – 1977 Shepito


  The film’s focus is clear from the beginning. It’s a “war” film by description but the only real battle is during the opening credits and the action isn’t the focus—sets the tone. The film

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best film:  Michael Mann’s heat is an epic crime saga masterpiece. It’s told in an operatic go-for-broke style that, in lesser hands, could’ve been one of the worst movies of any given year—instead of one


Nostalgia – 1983 Tarkovsky


One of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen The narrative isn’t easy—it’s up there with mirror for being his most opaque Uncontestably stunning camera movements and achievements in décor and mise-en-scene that interrupt quiet

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Island of Lost Souls – 1932 Kenton


There are three features that probably make this a top 5 of the year quality film. The performance are great- both Laughton in lead and a few key scenes by Legosi (mostly vocal work because

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Judge Priest – 1934 Ford


It’s the best Will Rogers screen vehicle—a great pairing of his folksy comedic vaudeville talent and John Ford’s unique cinema world 2nd of 3 films they made together (sadly Rogers died at age 55 in 1935)—first

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The Silence of the Lambs – 1991 Demme


An unbelievably taut and entertaining 118 minutes Demme’s main aesthetic visual choice here is the close-up (close to the extreme close up eyes by like Leone in the shootout sequences of good the bad and

The Silence of the Lambs – 1991 Demme2020-07-03T10:31:18+00:00
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