The Wilby Conspiracy – 1975 Nelson

It’s a political thriller but coming out in 75’, the same year as Three Days of the Condor, is a reminder that this is not in the class of that great film In many ways


best film:  In Werckmeister Harmonies Bela Tarr became one of the all-time great movers of the camera. The cinematography in the film rivals the best work of the greatest since the beginning of the art

How the West Was Won – 1962 Ford, Hathaway, George Marshall

Best known for the technical specs- 70mm three screen Cinerama--- made it impossible to have a close up and until the spectacular Bluray transfer made it impossible to watch at home It’s a film that

Ran – 1985 Kurosawa

The compositional visual beauty of the long shots and mise-en-scene detail are masterpiece worthy—Kurosawa makes great use of every extra, color flourish in the frame, and set piece (whether it’s the mountains in the final

Certain Women – 2016 Reichardt

I feel much better about it with a second visit. Reichardt’s approach is minimal but intelligent and nuanced. She’s capturing a snapshot in these 3 (or 4 if you count Stewart)’s lives—these are people, women,

Ronin – 1998 Frankenheimer

Ronin is rightly known for the brilliantly filmed and choreographed car chases. It’s not quite bullitt or the French connection (or even we own the night by James Gray) but it’s superb nonetheless Oddly enough

Chicago – 2002 Marshall

It blew critics and the Academy away in 2002. Rare 4 star from Travers and many comparisons to Fosse’s 1972 Cabaret… it is not Cabaret I think it’s more a strong combination of pieces than


best film:  Magnolia has slowly edged its way into my top 50 of all-time and is, by a decent margin, the best film of 1999- which is a superb and incredibly deep year for cinema. 

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