The Holy Girl – 2004 Martel

Martel’s 2nd film picks right up where here debut left off with the great staging and layering in the frame. Instead of the lounging drinking bourgeois we have professors at a crowded hotel/conference center and

La Ciénaga – 2001 Martel

It’s a very strong debut from Martel—the title literally translates to “the swamp” and the opening is very strong with these drunk upper class laying around by an unclean (very green swamp-like) pool. Martel certainly

Phantom Thread – 2017 P.T. Anderson

Two viewings in theater in Jan 2018- it’s a tough beast to tame- or attempt to- even after two viewings. The three principals are all superb—DDL is probably the best performance in cinema in 2017


best film: I’m probably less comfortable here than I have been with any other year. I have a strong pull towards Cache, but frankly my top 4 from 2005 are all very close so this


best film: Before Sunset is still Linklater’s crowning achievement. The film takes some of what Malle did in My Dinner with Andre (of course Linklater already did this with the wonderful 1994 first leg of

Brawl in Cell Block 99 – 2017 Zahler

It’s the story of a moral man—who is both highly principled and highly violent (great form of him smashing up a car when he finds out his wife is cheating and he’s been fire don


best film: With Kill Bill married to the second half of the film, which came out in 2004, I think it’s pretty easy to declare Lost in Translation the best singular film of 2003. The

Gertrud – 1964 Dreyer

Evidence that I was dead wrong in my first viewing of the film (2010 I believe) is readily apparent in the first 10 minutes--- this is one of the most assured artistic examples of mise-en-scene

Training Day – 2001 Fuqua

The first and last reason to archive the film (as I’m doing) is the performance of Denzel Washington It’s commanding work—filled with overpowering charisma one minute and absolute acidity the next It’s an over-the-top go-for-broke

Inherent Vice – 2014 P.T. Anderson

There are two ways to view and evaluate this movie. In comparison with every other movie out there, in fact, more than have of the film in my archives, it’s a superior work. I’ve got

Super Fly – 1972 Parks Jr.

The ideas and ambition outweigh some of the skill here (and surely production value/budget) but it’s a very solid Blaxploitation film and indie film The Curtis Mayfield score can’t be overstated. “Pusher man” and title

Elle – 2016 Verhoeven

It certainly has Verhoeven’s black comedic features and enhances his reputation as a provocateur I think there’s a legit intelligent discussion here on violence in the media Hubbert and the narrative is the show. The

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