Ordet – 1955 Dreyer

Thematically there’s much in common with Dreyer’s masterpiece, the passion of joan of arc, but stylistically it’s hard to find an auteur with two more different best two films 114 shots all over or near

The Master – 2012 P.T. Anderson

In my studies I’ve rarely found another film that so rewards multiple viewings. I’m still working it out but Anderson’s films have an almost unparalleled penchant (maybe Kubrick… Tarkovsky) for cinematic layering—or formal layering or

The Pumpkin Eater – 1964 Clayton

A very solid entry in the British social realism movement/wave of the late 50’s and early 60’s (Clayton’s own room at the top) and others from long distance runner and the entertainer A well-deserved nomination

I, Tonya – 2017 Gillespie

Very entertaining storytelling style—clearly influenced by Scorsese (goodfellas, Casino) and late David O. Russell (American Hustle and Joy)- I’d put it somewhere between Russell’s last two when evaluating the quality- not as strong as American

The Cider House Rules – 1999 Hallström

A solid movie, one with plenty of flaws but has enough positives for me to place it in the archives—though—not near the top 10 of 1999. It’s not only based on Irving’s brilliant book- but

Day of Wrath – 1943 Dreyer

The film was during Nazi occupation, so that allegory serves beyond even the world of the film’s narrative First feature in 11 years for Dreyer (Vampyr was 1932) It’s a story of persecution just like

There Will Be Blood – 2007 P.T. Anderson

Perhaps the most ambitious film, artistically, of the 21st We’ve seen PT do Altman and Scorsese but I think this tends more towards Kubrick and Welles—but at the same time it’s his entirely—especially with the

Michael Clayton– 2007 Gilroy

After decades as a writer (bourne) it’s an extremely impressive debut feature from Tony Gilroy and his strongest screenplay as well Many critics note the verdict with Newman as a comparable film or some of the Pollock

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – 2007 Dominik

Known at the time as a tumultuous shoot, box office bomb, and for being treated indifferently by the critics (68 on mc) it is now, rightly, known for being a masterpiece and one of the


best film: It took me 15 years for full clarity here, but I’m now fully convinced  that Punch -Drunk Love is is the best film of 2002. As much as I love some of the

Downfall – 2004 Hirschbiegel

A fantastically written and acted film with a tour-de-force performance by the great Bruno Ganz as Adolph Hitler Hirschbiegel has not really been impressive before or after There’s a character formal arc here- the film

Room at the Top – 1959 Clayton

The film, and Clayton, are central figures in that social realism British new wave of the late 50’s and early 60’s that include the loneliness of the long distance runner (Tony Richardson’s work in general), Saturday Night and

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