Velvet Goldmine – 1998 Haynes

Flawed film, with some visual highlights, from a talented director Haynes uses the Coen’s Carter Burwell for the music It’s a film about David Bowie—though not about Bowie—much in the way I’m not there is

Mourning Becomes Electra – 1947 Dudley Nichols

Dudley Nichols is a long-time screenwriter- lots of Hawks and Ford in the filmography including Air Force and Stagecoach- it’s telling the Eugene O’Neill’s name gets top billing (from his play of course) It’s a

Vampyr – 1932 Dreyer

Once you get over that it’s going to be a somewhat (relative to a top 25 film of all-time) disappointing follow-up to the passion of joan of arc (Dreyer’s previous film) it’s a very impressive

The Shape of Water – 2017 del Toro

It’s a blend of many films and influences (del Toro is a notorious cinephile-- Hawkins' character's apartment is even directly above a movie theater) but, clearly, a work that only del Toro could come up

Punch-Drunk Love – 2002 P.T. Anderson

PT’s stated goal was to “make an art-house Adam Sandler movie” and it was purposefully anti-ensemble multi-character epic like boogie and magnolia Jon Brion’s brilliant and experimental score (this is the pre-Greenwood PT era which

Magnolia – 1999 P.T. Anderson

It’s an enormous masterwork—pure filmmaking ambition Certainly, since it’s an ensemble piece set it in LA i think you have to think of Altman’s 1993 short cuts Ebert calls is “operatic ecstasy” It’s a 3 hour

All the Money in the World – 2017 Ridley Scott

After first blush in the theater I walked away extremely impressed with both Michelle Williams (who, like back in 2008-2011 looks to be on a roll again) and Christopher Plummer. Wahlberg is bad and miscast.

Sabata – 1969 Parolini

Parolini isn’t really a figure (as far as I know) in cinema or certainly in my archives yet but this is a well-directed film a moderately strong entry for Van Cleef and the spaghetti western

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