Downfall – 2004 Hirschbiegel

A fantastically written and acted film with a tour-de-force performance by the great Bruno Ganz as Adolph Hitler Hirschbiegel has not really been impressive before or after There’s a character formal arc here- the film

Room at the Top – 1959 Clayton

The film, and Clayton, are central figures in that social realism British new wave of the late 50’s and early 60’s that include the loneliness of the long distance runner (Tony Richardson’s work in general), Saturday Night and

Velvet Goldmine – 1998 Haynes

Flawed film, with some visual highlights, from a talented director Haynes uses the Coen’s Carter Burwell for the music It’s a film about David Bowie—though not about Bowie—much in the way I’m not there is

Mourning Becomes Electra – 1947 Dudley Nichols

Dudley Nichols is a long-time screenwriter- lots of Hawks and Ford in the filmography including Air Force and Stagecoach- it’s telling the Eugene O’Neill’s name gets top billing (from his play of course) It’s a

The Passion of Joan of Arc – 1928 Dreyer

It’s a film I’m going to try to get to every year or so. It’s formally faultless and stylistically audacious at the same time. It’s one of the 15-20 films I think you could legitimately

Vampyr – 1932 Dreyer

Once you get over that it’s going to be a somewhat (relative to a top 25 film of all-time) disappointing follow-up to the passion of joan of arc (Dreyer’s previous film) it’s a very impressive

The Shape of Water – 2017 del Toro

It’s a blend of many films and influences (del Toro is a notorious cinephile-- Hawkins' character's apartment is even directly above a movie theater) but, clearly, a work that only del Toro could come up

Punch-Drunk Love – 2002 P.T. Anderson

PT’s stated goal was to “make an art-house Adam Sandler movie” and it was purposefully anti-ensemble multi-character epic like boogie and magnolia Jon Brion’s brilliant and experimental score (this is the pre-Greenwood PT era which

Magnolia – 1999 P.T. Anderson

It’s an enormous masterwork—pure filmmaking ambition Certainly, since it’s an ensemble piece set it in LA i think you have to think of Altman’s 1993 short cuts Ebert calls is “operatic ecstasy” It’s a 3 hour

All the Money in the World – 2017 Ridley Scott

After first blush in the theater I walked away extremely impressed with both Michelle Williams (who, like back in 2008-2011 looks to be on a roll again) and Christopher Plummer. Wahlberg is bad and miscast.

Sabata – 1969 Parolini

Parolini isn’t really a figure (as far as I know) in cinema or certainly in my archives yet but this is a well-directed film a moderately strong entry for Van Cleef and the spaghetti western

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