The Fugitive – 1993 A. Davis


Andrew Davis really wouldn’t be heard from again (the package, under siege) but this 1993 film is a major feather in the cap for Tommy Lee Jones, Harrison Ford and the entire action/thriller genre. It’s

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Titanic – 1953 Negulesco


It’s on the fringe but after one viewing I’m putting it in the archives. Negulesco doesn’t do anything amazing (probably best known for the mask of dimitrios) but it has a solid script from Charles

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The Tale of Princess Kagulaya – 2013 Takahata


Gorgeous and distinctive in it being hand-drawn and almost sketched and airy not only compared to most Hollywood animation but films like only yesterday and others from studio Ghibli Takahata 78 years old at time

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Only Yesterday – 1991 Takahata


One of the early high water-marks of Studio Ghibli—Takahata is a co-founder along with Miyazaki. Gorgeous opening tracking shot of skyscraper—Takahata again and again tries to simulate camera with animation Rural Eden- almost a pantheism

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The Ox-Box Incident – 1943 Wellman


Criticized by many as essentially a stage-bound play but with horses but it has as strong screenplay and excellent performances from Henry Fonda and Dana Andrews One of Fonda’s favorite of his movies Anti-lynching social

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Fargo – 1996 Coen


It changes from time to time but I think, at least for the last 2 years or so, that this is the Coen brothers’ best work People who think this film launched their career into

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Killing Them Softly – 2012 Dominik


Anytime you’re a director and Rex Reed calls you “pretentious’ you’re onto something as an artist The film is overt in its tones- cynical, political and nihilistic. I love all three. It’s not “what” Dominik

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Groundhog Day – 1993 Ramis


Groundhog’s Day is narrative bliss- one of the truly great screenplays of the entire 1990’s. Ramis is no visual master but the formal theme and variation in the screenplay here is transcendent art. It’s rewatchable

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Back to the Future II – 1989 Zemeckis


A very flawed film but one I find myself coming back to often. I have it on the fringe but am officially putting it into the archives for now. The annoying Pepsi ads have grown

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best film: Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men is going to be revered as one of the great films of the 21st century. People are either already there or not there yet. Haha. Cuaron’s camerawork doesn’t


The Magnificent Ambersons – 1942 Welles


As you can see from the three pictures it’s a visual stunner full with depth of field stylistic cinematic benchmarks and opulent mise-en-scene One big question on the film remains Tim Holt’s lead performance. He’s

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Back to the Future – 1985 Zemeckis


It’s a masterpiece because of the overwhelmingly engaging and brilliantly unique narrative Touches parts of Frank Capra, mainly it’s a wonderful life, whilst also being a excellent statement on eras—much like Zemeckis’ forrest gump was

Back to the Future – 1985 Zemeckis2020-07-03T10:31:11+00:00
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