best film:  8 ½ or La Dolce Vita would be fine choices on any actor or actresses’ list of best films—and she’s in both. They’re small roles but she’s damn good in both of them. Fellini cast her (at the height of his powers) for a reason. I’ll give the edge to 8 ½ as I have it rated slightly higher.

best performance:  Lola. Aimée is absolutely captivating in Demy’s debut film that is a non-brainer top-5 of the year quality film. She’s also excellent in A Man and a Woman (her only oscar nom) but Lola is easily the stronger film.

stylistic innovations/traits: She’s lead in Demy’s Lola and A Man and a Woman so they’re above her work in Fellini’s masterpieces below but those two roles, 8 ½ and La Dolce Vita show her range. She could be level-headed and intelligent (8 ½) and seductive and impulsive (la dolce vita).

directors worked with: Fellini (2)- both big masterpieces, Demy- lead in his debut film

Top 5 Performances

  1. Lola
  2. A Man and a Woman
  3. 8 ½
  4. La Dolce Vita

Archiveable films

1960- La Dolce Vita
1961- Lola
1963- 8 1/2
1966- A Man and a Woman