best film:  Cries and Whispers is, ever so slightly, superior to Fanny and Alexander and certainly Andersson plays a larger part in this film. She’s more of a solo artist in through a glass darkly and summer with Monika but those films aren’t on this level.

best performance:  Through a Glass Darkly. NYT review- “Miss Andersson’s flirtation with insanity is a ballet.”

stylistic innovations/traits: Whether it’s Through a Glass Darkly or Cries and Whispers madness is the singular word I’d use to describe her strength as an actor. Also, though not quite a film on that level Monika and her raw sexuality (hard to believe looking at the cries and whispers pic) is a landmark film for censorship.

directors worked with: Bergman (6). She’s one of many actors and actresses on both sides that are on this list because of the great master.  He’s a genius with actors.

Top 5 Performances

  1. Through a Glass Darkly
  2. Cries and Whispers
  3. Summer with Monika
  4. Sawdust and Tinsel
  5. Smiles of a Summer Night

Archiveable films

1953- Summer With Monika
1953- Sawdust and Tinsel
1955- Smiles of a Summer Night
1961- Through a Glass Darkly
1972- Cries and Whispers
1982- Fanny and Alexander
2003- Dogville