best film:  The Marriage of Maria Braun. I’m in the minority for having this above Berlin but I find his BRD trilogy to be his clear artistic peak.

best performance:  The Marriage of Maria Braun– Canby at the NYT “…sweet, tough, brilliantly complex performance of Hanna Schygulla.” I’ve seen it once and it was 2011 or so (way overdue) but I was blown away by Schygulla and to me her work here is slightly better than her work in the other three Fassbinder archiveable collaborations.

stylistic innovations/traits: Schygulla is known for both strength and beauty. She can play both Fassbinder’s sadistically cruel abuser and the naïve abuse victim with equal skill and measure.

directors worked with: Fassbinder (4), Wajda (2)

Top 5 Performances

  1. The Marriage of Maria Braun
  2. Berlin Alexanderplatz
  3. The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant
  4. Merchant of Four Seasons
  5. A Love in Germany

Archiveable films

1972- The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant  
1972- The Merchant of Four Seasons  
1979- The Marriage of Maria Braun  
1980- Berlin Alexanderplatz  
1981- Circle of Deceit  
1983- A Love in Germany  
1991- Dead Again  
2000- Werckmeister Harmonies