best film:  Persona has passed The Seventh Seal as my #1 Bergman film over the years and, therefore, is #1 on this list. It’s an immaculate film so there’s no shame for a top 100 all-time actress to have the share the lead.

best performance:  Persona. She might not be as good as Ullman in Persona but that’s no insult. She’s not to be underrated either in her performance and the achievement in this towering masterpiece. It’s not as juicy a role but she’s outstanding in it. She’s also key in supporting work in the dueling 1957 Masterpieces from Bergman.

stylistic innovations/traits: She’s almost always a genuine character—full of life and exuberance. I think she’s the most naturally beautiful of the female Bergman muses (though Ullman was gorgeous as well) though perhaps with not quite as much range. Before I forget she’s not related at all to fellow Bergman-family-of-actors- Harriett Andersson.

directors worked with: Bergman (7)- Bib Andersson is not the last actor to show up in more than a half dozen films with the Swedish auteur. I believe she’s the only one to show up all three: Wild Strawberries, Persona, and The Seventh Seal

Top 5 Performances

  1. Persona
  2. Wild Strawberries
  3. The Seventh Seal
  4. The Passion of Anna
  5. The Magician

Archiveable films

1955- Smiles of a Summer Night
1957- The Seventh Seal
1957- Wild Strawberries
1958- The Magician
1966- Duel at Diablo
1966- Persona
1969- Passion of Anna
1973- Scenes From a Marriage
1987- Babette’s Feast