best film:  Can’t go wrong with either Touch of Evil or Psycho. Oddly enough both are often considered the second best film from the two great auteurs: Welles and Hitchcock. Anyways, nearly sixty years later Psycho holds up as one of the 50 greatest films of all-time and one of the great horror/thriller films. When I did my last update I had Touch of Evil 3 slots higher but I’m not as sold on that idea now—either one is a great option.

best performance:  Psycho is the better performance for sure. I was actually surprised, upon researching, that Leigh DID actually get an oscar nom but it doesn’t matter. Her performance (even if it’s famously stunted or brief) is pitch perfect and she’s rightly iconized for this role

stylistic innovations/traits: Janet Leigh was a comb beauty but she never played the bimbo. She was collected (which doesn’t always make for a reputation as a great actor sadly) usually and usually played intelligent characters.

directors worked with: No two archiveable films with the same director. Worked with Hitchcock, Welles and Mann


Top 5 Performances

  1. Psycho
  2. Touch of Evil
  3. The Naked Spur
  4. The Manchurian Candidate
  5. Act of Violence

Archiveable films

1948- Act of Violence
1949- Little Women
1953- Naked Spur
1958- The Vikings
1958- Touch of Evil
1960- Psycho
1962- Manchurian Candidate
1966- Harper
1980- The Fog