best film:  Thelma and Louise. I think both Bull Durham and Dead Man Walking are right there but this is the weak link for Sarandon. I love Thelma and Louise but it’s no better than Ridley Scott’s 4th best film and he’s not known for depth of quality filmography (he’s largely known for that 1-2 punch of Blade Runner and Alien).

best performance:  Thelma and Louise– ditto here for how close it is with Dead Man Walking (her Oscar win) and Bull Durham. She’s dominant in Thelma and Louise and gives by far the strongest performance in the film so perhaps why that’s I gave that the edge here (in conjunction with it being her best film by a hair.

stylistic innovations/traits: She rightly became a bit of an icon of powerful femininity with strong work like Thelma & Louise and Bull Durham in the late 80’s and early 90’s. She started as more of a beauty with her early work in the 70’s (I owe Rocky Horror another look- it’s been ages and as of the last time I saw it I don’t have it in the archives) and early 80’s with Malle. There’s a lot of depth here in the filmography—interesting work with Tony Scott in The Hunger, George Miller in Lorenzo’s Oil and she’s perfect in the 1994 update of Little Women.

directors worked with: Malle (2)

Top 5 Performances:

  1. Thelma and Louise
  2. Bull Durham
  3. Dead Man Walking
  4. Lorenzo’s Oil
  5. Atlantic City

Archiveable films

1970- Joe
1974- The Front Page
1978- Pretty Baby
1980- Atlantic City
1983- The Hunger
1988- Bull Durham
1989- Dry White Season
1991- Thelma and Louise
1992- Light Sleeper
1992- Lorenzo’s Oil
1994- Little Women
1995- Dead Man Walking
2002- Igby Goes Down
2002- Moonlight Mile
2007- Enchanted
2012- Arbitrage
2012- Cloud Atlas