best film: The Piano Teacher. I seem to be in the minorities of those who think this is superior to Amour. There’s also a legion of supporters for Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate. I’m far from done with any of these films (I’ve only seen white material and la ceremonie one time a piece as well) but for now I’m happy here with the piano teacher

best performance:  The Piano Teacher. I do not see this changing unless she comes out with something else here that blows me away completely. She’s unflinching in this role/film. It’s a character-centered must-see or masterpiece-level film and she’s the driving force.

stylistic innovations/traits: From her striking archiveable debut (rare—in English—well sort of) in Heaven’s Gate to her work with provocateurs Chabrol and Haneke—she—like Swinton before her here—is a risk-taker. She’s excellent at playing cold, icy characters (the pairing—five films and running—with Haneke is perfection) and two of her three best performances all have that in common.

directors worked with: Haneke (5), Chabrol (2)

Top 5 Performances:

  1. The Piano Teacher
  2. La Ceremonie
  3. Elle
  4. White Material
  5. Things to Come

Archiveable films

1980- Heaven’s Gate
1988- The Story of Women
1994- Amateur
1995- La Ceremonie
2001- The Piano Teacher
2003- Time of the Wolf
2004- I Heart Huckabees
2009- White Material
2012- Amour
2015- Louder Than Bombs
2016- Things To Come
2016- Elle
2017- Happy End