best film: Cabaret. I think her second best film is Arthur and I love Arthur but this isn’t close. Cabaret is a masterpiece and Fosse is, historically, an extremely underrated director. It actually took 8 Oscars in 1972 (a year it shared with The Godfather) and there aren’t a lot of complaints to be made.

best performance:   Cabaret is another easy choice. It’s not hard in such a brief filmography and frankly her second best performance (New York, New York) isn’t in a film I think ranks amongst the best 10 of 1977 so this is pretty easy. Liza is dazzling here in Cabaret. Her obvious talent and skill (as both an actress and singer) are self-evident from the outset and it’s a film and performance worthy of her mother (Judy Garland)’s best work.

stylistic innovations/traits: There’s hardly any filmography here (Liza only acted in like 20-30 films total and many of them cameos). She was a talented musician of course and like Bjork or Streisand and some others on this list she had a professional outside of film acting. She did, however, give us one of the best female performances (I could argue the best) of the entire 1970’s. Simply put, her Sally Bowles is one of cinema’s best characters.

directors worked with: Nobody more than once in that incredibly brief filmography but once a piece with Scorsese and Fosse.

Top 5 Performances:

  1. Cabaret
  2. New York, New York
  3. Arthur

Archiveable films

1972- Cabaret
1977- New York, New York
1981- Arthur