best film: Yojimbo. I’m hoping to do a Kurosawa study in summer/fall of 2018 so perhaps when I do I’ll be swapping Throne of Blood and Yojimbo but for now I’m sticking with Yojimbo even if Yamada is a bigger part of Throne of Blood (which might be the greatest combination of best performance and best film).

best performance:   Osaka Elegy. Her two films with Mizoguchi from 1936 aren’t nearly as available, popular, and studied as her three with Kurosawa but she’s the full lead here instead of backing up Mifune (and stealing scenes from him which seems like an impossible task).

stylistic innovations/traits: Should be play revenge or possession extremely well. Just such a great canvas for expression. Clearly teaming with the two great auteurs below helped her get so high on the list—the only thing keeping her from being in the top 50 for now is the lack of depth in the archiveable filmography.

directors worked with: Kurosawa (3), Mizoguchi (2)

Top 5 Performances:

  1. Osaka Elegy
  2. Throne of Blood
  3. Sisters of the Gion
  4. The Lower Depths
  5. Yojimbo

Archiveable films

1936- Osaka Elegy
1936- Sisters of the Gion
1957- The Lower Depths
1957- Throne of Blood
1961- Yojimbo