best film: Wendy and Lucy. This is no landslide as it’s very tight with Brokeback Mountain (an excellent film), Blue Valentine, and even Shutter Island. Clearly no masterpiece and that hurts her on this list. Still, Reichardt’s best film to date is a one-woman show (from an acting standpoint) and Williams is superb.

best performance:  Wendy and Lucy. It’s simply one of the best female performances of the 00’s decade. She and Reichardt take a simple story about a girl and her dog and create 80 minutes of art on film. I think she’s as good in Blue Valentine and her per-minute average might be as strong in both brokeback mountain, Manchester by the sea and that pivotal flashback scene with Leo in Shutter Island.

stylistic innovations/traits:  Williams as a talent for embodying pathos and she’s known for giving us downers. That’s nothing to shy away from though and it takes an incredible actress to pull it off. There’s a lot of depth here in her filmography even if she’s lacking taking part in a masterpiece. She’s clearly been one of the best actresses on the planet since her archiveable debut in 2003. She’s versatile with a knack for accents as well.

directors worked with: Reichardt (3). This is an important auteur/muse collaboration.

Top 5 Performances:

  1. Wendy and Lucy
  2. Blue Valentine
  3. Brokeback Mountain
  4. Meek’s Cutoff
  5. Manchester by the Sea

Archiveable films

2003- The Station Agent
2005- Brokeback Mountain
2007- I’m Not There
2008- Synechdoche, New York
2008- Wendy and Lucy
2010- Blue Valentine
2010- Shutter Island
2010- Meek’s Cutoff
2011- My Week With Marilyn
2016- Certain Women
2016- Manchester by the Sea
2017- All the Money in the World