best film: Mad Max: Fury Road. As good as she is in Monster (won the Academy Award) she’s not on this list without Mad Max: Fury Road. She’s Sigourney Weaver in Aliens but in a slightly better film (one of the best of the decade and I think a clear masterpiece). Her second best film is really hard to locate—it could be Monster but I’d opt for the stunning visuals in Prometheus as her second best- that’s a crazy drop.

best performance: Mad Max: Fury Road also pretty easily edges out Monster here for me. She transforms herself in Monster but the action-lead performance she gives in Fury Road is a revelation—blew me away, surprised me, and holds up upon close analysis (mostly her physicality and those eyes in a layered subtle and nuanced performance). It’s a genre acting performance for the ages and frankly leaves Mr. Tom Hardy (a brilliant actor himself), in the dust.

stylistic innovations/traits:  She’s 5’10 and stunningly beautiful but her best work has come accentuating her range and physicality. She has a very solid #2 performance below but she’s still a little closer to a one-hit wonder than some of her contemporaries (6 archiveable films in nearly 20 years acting steadily in Hollywood isn’t amazing). As I said she’s not on the list

directors worked with: Nobody more than once but we have Sir Ridley Scott here, James Gray and George Miller once.

Top 5 Performances:

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road
  2. Monster
  3. Atomic Blonde
  4. The Yards
  5. Young Adult

Archiveable films

1999- The Cider House Rules
2000- The Yards
2003- Monster
2009- The Road
2011- Young Adult
2012- Prometheus
2015- Mad Max: Fury Road
2017- Atomic Blonde