best film: Pulp Fiction. It’s a seminal film in the 100+ year history of narrative cinema and a fine choice to have as the best film for any actress. Her other collaboration with Tarantino, Kill Bill, is an epic action film I also consider a masterpiece but Pulp is ahead by a decent margin.

best performance:  Pulp Fiction. Uma slays it in Pulp Fiction. She’s not just good- she jumps off the screen at you she’s so good and as I said above this is just about as good as it gets for a single film. She carries the four+ hours of Kill Bill and that would be a fine “best performance” for many other great actresses on this list but I have to get with her work as Mia Wallace here.

stylistic innovations/traits: Thurman is totally reliant on Tarantino to make this list but that’s not uncommon, even as we head higher up the list (how about Masina with Fellini, Karina with Godard?). She’s so well-suited to his dialogue and style.

directors worked with: Tarantino (2). Once with Woody Allen, Von Trier, and Gilliam.

Top 5 Performances:

  1. Pulp Fiction
  2. Kill Bill
  3. Gattaca
  4. Dangerous Liaisons
  5. Sweet and Lowdown

Archiveable films

1988- Dangerous Liaisons
1988- The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
1994- Pulp Fiction
1997- Gattaca
1999- Sweet and Lowdown
2003- Kill Bill Vol. 1
2004- Kill Bill Vol. 2
2013- Nymphomaniac