best film: In the Mood For Love is a colossal achievement for Cheung, Tony Leung and of course, WKW. I think Days of Being Wild is clearly her second best film but it can’t touch the work of the masterpiece from 2000. Every great actor and actress would love to start, and be this good, in a masterpiece like this.

best performance: . In the Mood For Love but she’s this isn’t Bjork in Dancer in the Dark either with nothing else to back up her big masterpiece performance—Cheung has a trio of excellent performances here with Days of Being Wild and her solo work in Irma Vep.

stylistic innovations/traits: A supremely gifted actresses who specializes in characters with heavy thoughts and introspection. She has 90 film credits on IMDB but most of them were in weak and smaller films in the 80’s and 90’s and she’s bene relatively quiet here in the 21st century.

directors worked with: WKW (4). Being WKW’s main muse has served Cheung well but she’s proved with her film with Assayas (Irma Vep) and Yimou Zhang (Hero) she would’ve been a great actresses on her own.

Top 5 Performances:

  1. In the Mood For Love
  2. Days of Being Wild
  3. Irma Vep
  4. Hero
  5. 2046

Archiveable films

1990- Days of Being Wild
1994- Ashes of Time
1996- Irma Vep
2000- In the Mood For Love
2002- Hero
2004- 2046