The 30th Best Actress of All-Time: Emily Watson

best film: Breaking the Waves is certainly one of the best films in cinema history. I had it inside my top 20 the last time I updated my list—so it’s the choice here. That said,

The 31st Best Actress of All-Time: Shirley MacLaine

best film: The Apartment is a weak #1 for the 31st best actress of all-time but it’s still an absolutely marvelous film and among Wilder’s finest (I have it fourth). I have Some Came Running

The Baby of Macon – 1993 Greenaway

Is “minor” Greenaway but only because the narrative is so weak- it’s so splendid visually and distinctively Greenaway—even defiantly so- he clearly doesn’t give a rip Julia Ormond’s first film (Legends of the Fall), Ralph

The 32nd Best Actress of All-Time: Gong Li

best film: Raise the Red Lantern is Li’s best film, but like her list of top five performances below, in a relatively brief filmography she’s been in many outstanding films from Red Sorghum, to Farewell

The 33rd Best Actress of All-Time: Naomi Watts

best film: Mulholland Drive is a top-100 film of all-time and may very well be in my top 50 overall the next time I update my top 100. It’s perhaps the greatest Lynchian nightmare.  Instead

Isle of Dogs – 2018 Wes Anderson

An absolutely loaded mise-en-scene. Anderson, the reigning master of mise-en-scene, décor and set design has plenty of wall-art still frame selections here to choose from The narrative and sprawling ensemble are equally dense-- I think,

Heading South – 2005 Cantet

A strong opening with “masks people where” conversation and a woman trying to give her daughter away for a better life Person name in chapter breaks and then breaking into like a Sex, Lies and

Ocean’s 11 – 1960 Milestone

I don’t think Soderbergh’s remake from 2001 is close to his best work but it’s still slightly superior to the original Ocean’s 11 here Apparently they shot this film during the day as the Rat

The 34th Best Actress of All-Time: Maggie Cheung

best film: In the Mood For Love is a colossal achievement for Cheung, Tony Leung and of course, WKW. I think Days of Being Wild is clearly her second best film but it can’t touch

The 35th Best Actress of All-Time: Sigourney Weaver

best film: Alien (1979 from Ridley Scott) is the best film in the series Weaver is most associated with but it’s not a landslide- Aliens is right there and, along with another Weaver film, Avatar,

The 36th Best Actress of All-Time: Kate Winslet

best film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It reigns over Titanic by a decent margin here for the best film of Winslet’s career. Michel Gondry directs Charlie Kaufman’s wild dream world. I love all

The 37th Best Actress of All-Time: Janet Gaynor

best film: Sunrise is a giant masterpiece and amongst the greatest films of all-time. It’s Murnau’s best and the best silent film. It’s a director’s medium so Murnau’s triumph is greater than Gaynor’s but the

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