The 51st Best Actress of All-Time: Liza Minnelli

best film: Cabaret. I think her second best film is Arthur and I love Arthur but this isn’t close. Cabaret is a masterpiece and Fosse is, historically, an extremely underrated director. It actually took 8

The 52nd Best Actress of All-Time: Isuzu Yamada

best film: Yojimbo. I’m hoping to do a Kurosawa study in summer/fall of 2018 so perhaps when I do I’ll be swapping Throne of Blood and Yojimbo but for now I’m sticking with Yojimbo even

The 53rd Best Actress of All-Time: Claudette Colbert

best film: It Happened One Night. I really think a lot of The Palm Beach Story but this one is still pretty easy. It Happened One Night launched the screwball comedy subgenre (along with Hawks’

Behind the Candelabra– 2013 Soderbergh

Soderbergh, again as his own Director of Photography here, has an excuse to go crazy with his lighting schemes and production design and it’s quite a marvel—it’s the main reason I’m archiving this film- he

The 54th Best Actress of All-Time: Claudia Cardinale

best film: 8 ½ is the best film with Cardinale in it but her small archiveable filmography is loaded with great films including Once Upon a Time in the West which she is featured more

The 55th Best Actress of All-Time: Natalie Portman

best film: Heat. Heat is a top 100 film of all-time and I’m just not there on Black Swan though I think that film is also a masterpiece and of course Portman is a much

The 56th Best Actress of All-Time: Isabelle Huppert

best film: The Piano Teacher. I seem to be in the minorities of those who think this is superior to Amour. There’s also a legion of supporters for Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate. I’m far from done

Thunderball – 1965 Young

The most financially successful and expensive bond film from what I’ve read (with inflation)- in fact, crazily enough it’s more expensive than the previous 3 combined (this is the 4th installment)—it’s also, the worst of

The Grand Budapest Hotel – 2014 Wes Anderson

One of the great stylists and auteurs working has given us a prodigious masterpiece and achieved his full and unique vision (not to mention a statement on the impact of storytelling, art, and the loss

The 57th Best Actress of All-Time: Tilda Swinton

best film: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Tilda has been in so many great films but I think, this instant, I’m going to go with GBH as the single best she’s been in. She’s not in

The 58th Best Actress of All-Time: Emma Stone

best film: La La Land would be most actresses best film by a landslide but for Stone it’s actually pretty close with Birdman. I have these as the best films of 2014 and 2016 respectively.

The 59th Best Actress of All-Time: Joan Fontaine

best film: Letter From an Unknown Woman edged Rebecca for me and she’s lead, and superb, in both so you can’t really go wrong. This is a little more character-driven from Ophuls (which is perhaps

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