The 38th Best Actress of All-Time: Nicole Kidman

best film: Eyes Wide Shut. I could easily go with Moulin Rouge and may very well just do that the next time I revisit them both. They’re both masterpieces and feature strong performances from Kidman

The 39th Best Actress of All-Time: Julie Delpy

best film: Before Sunset is the peak of Linklater’s “Before” trilogy and, frankly, Linklater’s oeuvre. Broken Flowers is also a strong candidate for Delpy’s best just pure film but she’s a minor character in that

The Honeymoon Killers – 1970 Kastle

The one and only film from opera director Leonard Kastle He famously hated Bonnie and Clyde for being so glamorous and beautiful so this is his answer- “real” people and a 1970 doc-like stark black

A Hen in the Wind – 1948 Ozu

A superior formal work—poetic and beautiful Post-WW2 of course with his cohorts Sakamoto in Ryu in support but it’s really a simple story of Kinuyo Tanaka (superb) who has to prostitute herself to pay for

The 40th Best Actress of All-Time: Holly Hunter

best film: The Piano is a masterpiece, Jane Campion’s best film, and I constantly go back and forth with Schindler's List as to which one is the best film of 1993. So, needless to say

The 41st Best Actress of All-Time: Uma Thurman

best film: Pulp Fiction. It’s a seminal film in the 100+ year history of narrative cinema and a fine choice to have as the best film for any actress. Her other collaboration with Tarantino, Kill

Ocean’s Thirteen – 2007 Soderbergh

It’s a minor revelation for me- first time seeing it since theater in 2007 when I liked it as an entertaining movie, but was largely oblivious to Soderbergh’s clear mise-en-scene brilliance on display--  it's an art

Record of a Tenement Gentleman – 1947 Ozu

It’s a blending of Ozu’s brilliant style and a bit of post WWII neo-realism—truly works Ryu and Sakamoto in support here but Chôko Iida is superb in the lead performance—full arc, gruff and indifferent at

The 42nd Best Actress of All-Time: Helen Mirren

best film: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover is simply one of the great artist works in the medium’s history and Mirren is front and center for it. Gosford Park is a

The 43rd Best Actress of All-Time: Scarlett Johansson

best film: Lost in Translation. It is a capital “M” Masterpiece with Johansson as the narrative vehicle for most of the film. Under the Skin may give Lost a run for its money with a

The 44th Best Actress of All-Time: Marion Cotillard

best film: Inception. Cotillard, in her brief career, has been in six top-10 of the year films but Inception is clearly the greatest of those films. She’s probably in no more than 10-15 minutes of

The 45th Best Actress of All-Time: Lauren Bacall

best film: The Big Sleep is arguably the greatest noir film and the greatest Hawks’ film of all-time (and many would argue the best Bogey film and I see the argument for sure). It’s a

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