The 46th Best Actress of All-Time: Amy Adams

best film: The Master. The Master was absolutely huge for her in this regard and to give her a very solid performance (perhaps her best on a per-minute average) in what may be a top

The 47th Best Actress of All-Time: Vivien Leigh

best film: Gone With the Wind. This is a strength for Leigh- no doubt. Gone With the Wind is a masterpiece and a top 100 all-time film.  Streetcar Named Desire is a very solid film

The 48th Best Actress of All-Time: Michelle Williams

best film: Wendy and Lucy. This is no landslide as it’s very tight with Brokeback Mountain (an excellent film), Blue Valentine, and even Shutter Island. Clearly no masterpiece and that hurts her on this list.

The 49th Best Actress of All-Time: Charlize Theron

best film: Mad Max: Fury Road. As good as she is in Monster (won the Academy Award) she’s not on this list without Mad Max: Fury Road. She’s Sigourney Weaver in Aliens but in a

You Only Live Twice – 1967 Gilbert

It’s borderline archiveable for sure and I wouldn’t have a long argument with someone who said it wasn’t worthy of rewatching. For me, I think there’s enough here to admire, enjoy, and study The man-made

Ocean’s Eleven – 2001 Soderbergh

It’s a very entertaining film- a strong narrative, great actors (clearing having a ball), and well directed by Soderbergh who edits it fiercely at a great pace and utilizes his unending talents as a director

The 50th Best Actress of All-Time: Jean Arthur

best film: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is a weakness for this list and project here but she’s in five top 10 films which is a strength. I think both Shane and Only Angels Have

There Was a Father – 1942 Ozu

I think it’s Ozu’s best narrative to date and Ryu’s enduringly stoic father here is the best performance I’ve seen in an Ozu film (and one of the better overall performances of the 40’s) Eloquently

The 51st Best Actress of All-Time: Liza Minnelli

best film: Cabaret. I think her second best film is Arthur and I love Arthur but this isn’t close. Cabaret is a masterpiece and Fosse is, historically, an extremely underrated director. It actually took 8

The 52nd Best Actress of All-Time: Isuzu Yamada

best film: Yojimbo. I’m hoping to do a Kurosawa study in summer/fall of 2018 so perhaps when I do I’ll be swapping Throne of Blood and Yojimbo but for now I’m sticking with Yojimbo even

The 53rd Best Actress of All-Time: Claudette Colbert

best film: It Happened One Night. I really think a lot of The Palm Beach Story but this one is still pretty easy. It Happened One Night launched the screwball comedy subgenre (along with Hawks’

Behind the Candelabra– 2013 Soderbergh

Soderbergh, again as his own Director of Photography here, has an excuse to go crazy with his lighting schemes and production design and it’s quite a marvel—it’s the main reason I’m archiving this film- he

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