The 60st Best Actress of All-Time: Cate Blanchett

best film: The Lord of the Rings is well ahead of The Aviator and The Talented Mr. Ripley. best performance:  I think it’s Blue Jasmine but I’d accept a few others as well- she doesn’t have

The 61st Best Actress of All-Time: Susan Sarandon

best film:  Thelma and Louise. I think both Bull Durham and Dead Man Walking are right there but this is the weak link for Sarandon. I love Thelma and Louise but it’s no better than

The Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family – 1941 Ozu

As is with all of the better Ozu films- there is the drama and the pillow shot cutaways. Here the main drama deals with the family in the title, the death of the patriarch, mother

The 62nd Best Actress of All-Time: Joan Crawford

best film:  Johnny Guitar. It’s not really close here. I think this is Nicholas Ray’s masterpiece and he’s a top 100 all-time director (in a lonely place, they live by night, rebel without a cause)

Into the Wild – 2007 Penn

The rapturous outdoor travelogue photography and soundtrack songs (much of it original stuff by Eddie Vedder) is a lethal combination—it has a 73 on mc but if anyone else besides Penn’s name is on the

We Need to Talk About Kevin – 2011 Ramsay

I’ve read “an artsy look at The Omen” and “heavily influenced by eraserhead” and I think both work First off—it’s absolutely, and gorgeously, drenched in red. – We have the opening of Swinton at a

The Darjeeling Limited – 2007 Wes Anderson

To me, the short, Hotel Chevalier is part of Darjeeling the larger feature. It’s a prologue- and I found it to be a stunning opening to the film—Schwartzman’s character is watching Stalag 17 and it

The 63rd Best Actress of All-Time: Glenn Close

best film:  Dangerous Liaisons. Frears’ Dangerous Liaisons is an excellent film but this is the big problem for close and what keeps her from being a top 50 all-time actress in my eyes. She hasn’t

The 64th Best Actress of All-Time: Anne Bancroft

best film:  The Graduate is an all-time great film and in my top 100 (where it will always remain). Bancroft is impeccable in it. Mike Nichols’ masterpiece is stylistic and he and Simon and Garfunkel

The 65th Best Actress of All-Time: Natalie Wood

best film:  The Searchers. If you want to go with West Side Story because she’s a bigger part of that film- that’s totally fair. She’s superb in West Wide Story and it rivals Rebel for

The 66th Best Actress of All-Time: Simone Signoret

best film:  La Ronde. I have this over Diabolique. Diabolique blew me away with my first viewing but didn’t hold up quite as well (I had it, initially, as a top 100 film). I look

The 67th Best Actress of All-Time: Marilyn Monroe

best film:  Some Like it Hot. This one is easy because her second and third best films are really small (but impossible to overlook) parts as the girlfriend on one scene in All About Eve

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