The 85th Best Actor of All-Time: Alec Guinness

best film: Lawrence of Arabia is going to be the best film for a few actors as I said earlier when I got to Anthony Quinn. The Bridge on the River Kwai is a masterpiece-

The 86th Best Actor of All-Time: John Hurt

best film: John Hurt has worked with some great auteurs here from 1966 to 2016—a long career but his best film comes down to three choices:  Alien, Dead Man or Melancholia. I think, by a

Equinox Flower – 1958 Ozu

Ozu’s first color film—very heavy on the reds mostly—but pops of orange, green and yellow as well- it’s a fascinating film Train station opening after an establishing shot of the city—then we go to a

The 87th Best Actor of All-Time: Jean-Pierre Léaud

best film: The 400 Blows is the answer here because the main competition for Leaud is Godard’s Pierrot Le Fou and Leaud is no more than a cameo in that film. Day for Night, Last

The 88th Best Actor of All-Time: Robert Shaw

best film: Jaws is the pretty easy winner here but Shaw is in, and is excellent in, one of the best Bond movies (From Russia With Love) and two best picture winners (The Sting, A

The 89th Best Actor of All-Time: Richard Burton

best film: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is Burton’s best film and it is by a wide margin. This is the big problem for Burton—he wasn’t in too many great films—he was in a lot

The 90th Best Actor of All-Time: John Goodman

best film: The Big Lebowski but my most recent viewing of Inside Llewyn Davis blew me away so this could change over time. All five of his films with the Coen brothers have landed in

Tokyo Twilight – 1957 Ozu

Ozu’s darkest film since at least A Hen in the Wind in 1948 His last B/W film and the lighting even looks darker here to match the devastating sadness and dour atmosphere in the film-

The 91st Best Actor of All-Time: Casey Affleck

best film: The Assassination of Jesse James is a masterpiece and the best film of almost any year except for 2007 (which includes There Will Be Blood). Parts of it feel like a Malick film—it’s

The 92nd Best Actor of All-Time: Donald Sutherland

best film: JFK is the only top 100 all-time film of Sutherland’s. Don’t Look Now and MASH are up there. Aside from Costner in lead, JFK is a sprawling ensemble with solid work from Gary

The 93rd Best Actor of All-Time: Russell Crowe

best film: L.A. Confidential with The Insider close behind. L.A. Confidential isn’t auteur cinema but the narrative is one of the strongest of the 90’s and it features transcendent acting and writing. It’s a film

The 94th Best Actor of All-Time: Roy Scheider

best film: Jaws but there’s times over the past decade where I would’ve answered The French Connection and All That Jazz. I’m confident now it’s Spielberg’s masterpiece but it’s close. It’s not quite Scheider’s best

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