best film: Magnolia. The last time I updated my top 100 of all-time I had Magnolia at #40 so this is a great film to have as your best film even if Moore is just one of the many pedals on the flower so to speak here as part of the larger ensemble. The crazy thing about Moore’s filmography though is that this is not an easy choice to be her best film. She’s been in three films in my top 100 (Boogie Nights and Children of Men) and another one in the next 50 (The Big Lebowski). But I digress- Magnolia is a giant Masterpiece and one of the best films of the 1990’s. During the film Moore is acting with her hair on fire while she’s on screen and I love it—but more on that later.

best performance:  Safe and Boogie Nights are close (I actually think the majority of critics would pick Far From Heaven and that’s not far off either). A half hour into Safe you’ll be unimpressed but by the time you’ve arrived at the ending you’ll be bowled over by both the film and Moore’s transcendent performance. It’s a physical performance Her transformation makes the movie and you’re lost in her performance—awed.

stylistic innovations/traits:  19 archiveable films and counting, 4 masterpieces, 3 top 100 films, 9 films in the top 10 of their respective year. The case for Julianne Moore on this list is strong. She can do everything in terms of range and clearly had the respect of the best auteurs of her era (see below).  When I think of Moore’s notable traits though I think about her lighting up the screen for brief moments in films like Short Cuts, The Big Lebowski and Children of Men as much as her central performances. Like many great actors and actresses I go a long time before I get to her best actress Oscar winning performance :Still Alice. Still- I think she can rightly claim to be the best actress that has emerged since the beginning of the 1990’s.

directors worked with:  Moore is loaded here. Haynes (3), Altman (2), PT Anderson (2) and then Cuaron, Cronenberg and Coen all once.

Top 5 Performances:

  1. Safe
  2. Boogie Nights
  3. Far From Heaven
  4. Children of Men
  5. Short Cuts

Archiveable films

1993- Short Cuts
1993- The Fugitive
1994- Vanya on 42nd Street
1995- Safe
1997- Boogie Nights
1998- The Big Lebowski
1999- Cookie’s Fortune
1999- The End of the Affair
2002- Far From Heaven
2002- The Hours
2006- Children Of Men
2007- I’m Not There
2009- A Single Man
2010- The Kids Are Alright
2012- What Maizie Knew
2014- Still Alice
2014- Maps to the Stars
2015- Maggie’s Plan