The 95th Best Actor of All-Time: Maurice Chevalier

best film: Love Me Tonight is an underrated all-time musical and a masterpiece. The technical and stylistic innovations (stopping to sing instead of putting musical scenes on a stage like Cabaret or The Jazz Singer)

The 96th Best Actor of All-Time: Ray Liotta

best film: Goodfellas and there aren’t twenty better movies of all-time so this is a great film for any actor to have as their best film. It features an abundance of Scorsese’s style, a captivating

The 97th Best Actor of All-Time: Kevin Spacey

best film: Seven but I may say LA Confidential the next time you ask me and The Usual Suspects and American Beauty aren’t far behind. He doesn’t have a towering top 100-masterpiece but that’s quite

The 98th Best Actor of All-Time: Thomas Mitchell

best film: Gone With the Wind. It’s no better than Mitchell’s fourth best performance--- OF 1939—haha- but still- I have it slightly higher than Stagecoach and It’s a Wonderful Life. I have Gone With the

The 99th Best Actor of All-Time: Anthony Quinn

best film: Lawrence of Arabia. La Strada is the other masterpiece but I think there’s a sizable gap here between the two masterpieces with Lawrence on top. It’ll be the best film for a few

American Sniper – 2014 Eastwood

Another worthy entry i(n a long line of them) on violence from auteur Clint Eastwood—this would be the start of his hero trilogy followed by Sully and then The 15:17 to Paris (which I haven’t

The 100th Best Actor of All-Time: Willem Dafoe

best film: The Grand Budapest Hotel edges out wonderful films like Platoon, The English Patient and American Psycho. Dafoe doesn’t give one of the five most important or impressive performances in Grand Budapest with Wes’

Early Spring – 1956 Ozu

It’s a top 10 film (towards the bottom) of 1956 but with three years off after 1953’s masterpiece, Tokyo Story, it’s a bit of a disappointment for an auteur so clearly in his prime. Starts

Thelma & Louise – 1991 Ridley Scott

It’s one of Scott’s better non Alien/Blade Runner efforts—superbly acted, great Hans Zimmer Score, landscape photography in Utah I think it owes a lot to Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. It’s a buddy movie

Dave – 1993 Ivan Reitman

It’s a fringe recommendation- light and airy but well-acted and written. I don’t think anyone will confuse Reitman with Capra or Kevin Kline with Jimmy Stewart but it’s a solid reworking of Smith Goes to

Cobra Verde – 1987 Herzog

Fifth and final collaboration between Herzog and Kinski My first time catching it and I’m a little pissed it took me this long- it’s a fascinating film and although it’s not in the realm of

The Best Actress of All-Time: Ingrid Bergman

best film: Casablanca is the winner here though Notorious is a masterpiece as well and I owe Rossellini’s Journey to Italy another view. Casablanca is deserving of its reputation and iconic status. Curtiz isn’t Welles

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