The 18th Best Actress of All-Time: Sissy Spacek

best film: JFK. Others may be upset I’m not going with De Palma’s film or Malick sublime debut here but I think Stone’s masterpiece is the slightly superior work. Spacek isn’t front and center- it’s

The 19th Best Actress of All-Time: Bette Davis

best film: All About Eve is not a film I think about when doing my top 100 of all-time so this is a weakness for Davis. However, she has a deep filmography (16 films) and

Ratcatcher – 1999 Ramsay

It’s a strong debut from Ramsay; grim, stark, certainly fits the sub-genre poetic realism but mainly she’s started her narrative trend here and has a clear talent for arresting imagery Lots of squalor, the mise-en-scene

Early Summer – 1951 Ozu

Ozu seems to just be getting stronger here in my study—one major improvement (I think he did it before but I’m picking up on it more and more) is his use of Japanese Shoji panel

The 20th Best Actress of All-Time: Anna Karina

best film: Pierrot le Fou is the second best Godard film and the 55th best film of all-time the last time I updated my top 100. Watching Karina spar with Belmondo in Godard’s crazy, avant-garde

The 21st Best Actress of All-Time: Mia Farrow

best film: Rosemary’s Baby. Is it really better than Hannah and Her Sisters? I’m not sure- Crimes and Misdemeanors isn’t far behind either. In the last 10 years both Hannah and Rosemary’s Baby have been

The 22nd Best Actress of All-Time: Ellen Burstyn

best film: Requiem For a Dream. I’m fine with The Exorcist if someone wants to argue that and great films like Ed Wood, The Last Picture Show aren’t far behind either. The Exorcist is stunning

10 Rillington Place – 1971 Fleischer

It’s strong work from Attenborough and John Hurt—for both actors it puts a stop gap in the long time between archiveable films. For Attenborough he previously had gone from Sand Pebbles in 1966 to Jurassic

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